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Vin Number Problem.........

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by jomarlin123, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. jomarlin123

    jomarlin123 K-5eRiEs Is ThE 5HiT.....

    :confused: Wats good fellas i just bought a 92 hatch shell but I just notice that the vin plate from the dash is missing i need help in this cuz im going hard with the investmen and i dont want police to take my car wat can i do to fix that situation plus the dash is bronken so i was thinking about putting and integra dash with the whole middle console......Well the question is can i get that plate from the dealer with the title .......It be great ly appreciated if some one could help..:confused::confused::confused:
  2. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

    there is a VIN on the firewall also.. not sure if you need the dash VIN
  3. invisibledemon

    invisibledemon Bored Moderator

    call your local police station and ask them about it. tell them that you bought the car without the dash in it and that the vin number on the firewall and door jamb all match the title. that way they dont ask too many questions. they are gonna want to run the vin number just to make sure its not stolen, so just give them the number and they will run it. then ask them if you need the plate on the dash to register it bc your buying a new dash and it wont have one. if they say you do then ask them what you have to do to get one.
  4. civicslayrx

    civicslayrx New Member

    +1. If you explain it like that the police wont hassle you to bad. They should give you a new vin plate, but you will have to bring the dash into them to have it done i'm sure. And yes if you get pulled over with no vin on the dash you will get harassed like a drug lord.

    HONDA_PARTS_GUY The Harvester Of Sorrow

    You cant buy VIN plates.... If you could, how would using the VIN to secure a car be an option.Sounds like somone took your VIN tag to make another car seem legit. Bad deal man, bad deal. One of thesed days you will get a letter in the mail saying your car is in an impound someplace......but its not yours. CHOPPED!
  6. Cashizslick

    Cashizslick !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

    Cops like to check your registration against the dash vin when they pull you over . . .
  7. invisibledemon

    invisibledemon Bored Moderator

    if youve already bought the car then have the vin number ran through the po;ice system. find out if its stolen. call the previous owner and find out if they may have it in their garage or something. if the police say that you have to have it annd you cant get another one, call the guy you bought it from and demand a refund, if he fails to work it out then call the cops on that guy.

    Either way, you should come out on top. I know that its pretty illegal to sell a car missing vin plates, catalytic converters, etc etc. so it should be a pretty simple thing to solve.
  8. Cashizslick

    Cashizslick !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

    Business Law 101: You cannot seek restitution from a buyer in due course.

    If you paid a proper price for the car, you can keep it.
  9. jomarlin123

    jomarlin123 K-5eRiEs Is ThE 5HiT.....

    Alright i already bought the car for about 300 I use to work in a parking garage and when i wasnt there auto crime you the hatch and started asking ???? and even took pics of the car till this day nothing has come up all the vin match the title and the only one missing is the dash ......But i will ask the police about that situation ill keep you guys post it and if you have any other ideas i willing to hear them .
  10. welfare

    welfare Ancient Member

    In my state, NY you do not have to have the vin plate on the dash at all, you don't even need the sticker in the jamb (although it makes inspections alot easier) You do however need to have one "permanantly attached to the vehicle chassis from the factory". If you ever got hassled by police for the vin, at least here, they know where to look or they just call the detectives who are in charge of Vehicle theft. I had a civic back in the day and got pulled over by a real asshole of a cop, the dash had been changed in the car so there was no plate, and the car had been repainted so the sticker in the jamb was painted over, he just had me pop the hood and he checked it against the registration and he didn't bother me about it again. He did however impound the car after he figured out that I had a suspended license, and pending tickets. But the impound had nothing to do with the vin plate missing.
    i know for a fact that you cannot purchase a vin plate, nor can one be obtained from honda, other manufacturers may be able to get one for you, but Honda gets vin numbers assigned to them by the united states dept or transportation, once a vin plate is created it is not ever re-created. Same with the sticker in the jamb. You can contact honda, or D.O.T. and they will tell you the same thing.
    Sometimes you can make a vin plate out of another vin plate by flipping it over and punching the numbers into it and then rivit it to the dash. It's probably illegal, but might not be if you are not trying to say it is something different than it actually is.
    On top of all of that, if you do a really good job with making it, the cops won;t even know.
    I would do like the others said and try to contact the previous owner(s) to see if they have the original dash or the vin plate.

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