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  1. jamesA

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    Aug 10, 2003
    I finally got a chance to get my stereo set up bought.

    First off I wanted to replace the factory deck with something i could put an amp/sub on so I picked up thsi sweet little beauty.
    Kenwood KDC-3025

    Price: 159.99, I got it for 143.99

    Next, because I listen to cd's 90% of the time I'm in my car I picked this up. I'll get another cartridge later on.
    Kenwood KDC-C669

    Price: 159.99, I got it for 143.99

    Last but not least I picked up a new sub...the one that TPP recommended so many months ago.
    Audiobahn AW1000Q

    Price: 149.99, I got it for 134.99

    I got all these discounts cause I bought the setup as a whole & for some reason crutchfield had a free shipping offer, something that really made my day. :D


    Now I know you're thinking...you dumbass you need an amp too... well I had that covered last year when I bought this.
    MTX Thunder8302

    Price was: 199.99

    Now, the next thing I need to do is get the dimensions of what air space the Sub needs and have a lightweight box constructed and I need a wiring kit. TPP and I have already found a good opening hole through the firewall to run the power wire and I'm going to make ALL the wires disappear unlike how my friend and I did it in my Escort (power wire through the door frame) :ph34r:

    When Wednesday rolls around I'm gonna be out in my car running wire and installing my deck/changer/amp/sub along with putting my Injen intake in. I can't fuckin wait. :D :D :D

    Just thought I'd share. :p
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