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Wall street protests

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by Briansol, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin

  2. Cashizslick

    Cashizslick !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

    The US media doesnt want to report on these riots and protests.

    The protesters are not the tea party, the same tea party that the Media has been saying is racist, stupid, fundamentalist, on the verge of rioting. No no, the anti-obama tea partiers are not the ones protesting here.

    These protesters are all obama supporters. They support Obama and the destruction of capitalism. These are the Leftist Base supporters who still agree with the president. Obama doesnt want us to know who his real supporters are during election season. How is he going to get the independents to come back and vote for him if these people expose his true point of view?

    The 1st protest was like 50 or 60 people last week.

    There was a video released of a group of hippies getting maced who started crying.

    Then that hacker group anonymous released a threatening statement about a day or so ago telling the police not to brutalize the protesters.

    I just saw this article on the news about how there were 700 people arrested on the brooklyn bridge related to this protest thing.

    Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge - NYTimes.com

    It has only been though the news that I have been hearing about these protests. My office is in NoHo which is downtown and the streets are fine here - everyone going about their business with no issues. Its the same way where I live in Midtown.

    These protests must be a small minority of people with nothing else to do. As always, the sensationalist media is doing whatever it can to hype people into believing new york is turning into Greece or Egypt, but it isnt.
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  3. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage Finally boostin'

    i expect more of these. the day it happens in boston, i'll be there :)
  4. Cashizslick

    Cashizslick !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

  5. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    From what I've read is there isn't a coherent message. Just that they're fed up with Wall Street.
  6. invisibledemon

    invisibledemon Bored Moderator

  7. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage Finally boostin'

    shit tons of folks in boston today. hoping to head up there friday.
  8. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    this has been on the news for quite a while. not sure where you get your news from B. BBC should not be the first place you check for U.S. news though. lol
  9. hosmer

    hosmer I made the millionth post

    It's happening...there's a tent city across from south station

    One of these fucks approached my van at the light this AM to give me a flyer...I told him to get a fucking job and get away from the truck before I smash his teeth out

    6:15 Monday morning is NOT the time to bother me with hippie shit
  10. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage Finally boostin'

    its a great place to check with US media outlets are NOT covering this.
  11. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    I've been seeing it all over the news. I think I even saw some bull shit on fox the other day about it while I was at the gym.

    The big thing with this is, its not just some hippie bull shit. It's the recognizing of class-ism and greed. Although I don't agree with a lot of the zealous reports, I do find it intriguing.
  12. E_SolSi

    E_SolSi Member of the 20 nut club Moderator

    :withstupid: ive been seeing this all over the news and interwebs for at least the past week and a half


    Good Good - YouTube
  13. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    who isn't covering this? it's been on yahoo, msn, cnn, bloomberg, cnbc.

    i think the only thing that hasnt' mentioned it is Keeping up with the Kardashians. And if you watch that bullshit, you deserve the anal raping that is coming your way. lol ^_^

    edit: i will chime in with my .02. well, basically because this is the internet and i can do whatever i want. i do find it ironic that the same non-working hippies that are protesting are the ones that want free shit. i never ask for anything or protest anything because i'm too busy working or going to school. it's so much easier to protest than actually be proactive. if they put that same effort into work, they might actually be better off and not asking for free handouts.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2011
  14. Cashizslick

    Cashizslick !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

    Cut b some slack lol. When he posted this topic these "protests" consisted of less that 100 people and I'd only heard about them thru local NYC news sources.

    I mean I live here and work within walking distance of he protests and didn't even know about em.
  15. double0Si

    double0Si ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    I heard about them on the daily show I believe it was early this week. And the stuff about officer Tony Bologna was all over Facebook practically right after it happened. And that shed light on the overall situation.
  16. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    That is no joke. It's insulting to the people in the middle east that are protesting that some of these people have compared themselves to them.
  17. invisibledemon

    invisibledemon Bored Moderator

    and what exactly will you be protesting?
    because most of the people in that video seemed to not really know...
  18. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    I support these protest, it's an amazing collection of the most clueless people, at least what I've seen on video so far. The two in the video were comedy gold.
  19. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    I'm going to go stand across the streets from these protestors with a sign. "Get a job hippies". Protest the protestors. They'll never see it coming!
  20. awptickes

    awptickes unimpressed by you

    There's one in B'more now too. Dunno wtf good that's going to do, but I might swing by after work to look/gawk.

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