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Weird Hot Hard Start Problem

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by Punisher, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Punisher

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    Jan 3, 2005
    Anyone has a similiar problem like mine?

    I finished a D16Z6 head on D15B2 block mini-me swap a few mths back and it was a one start attempt success. The head I observed was shaved so I probably have 11:1 cr.

    However, recently I've this occasional hot hard start problem. (Its not the main relay). No CELs or MILs. Starting cold, there is no problem. However, when the engine is hot and when stopped and re-started a couple of times at different locations along a trip, the engine would suddenly crank for longer than usual during starting, at times I need to depress the gas pedal to get it to start. Once started the exhaust spews out lots of black smoke, gas fumes are pretty strong and idle is high around 2K rpms. Moving off is difficult as the car tends to be jerky, only once the idle returns to normal which can range from 10secs to 5 mins, the car then becomes drivable again.

    I've replaced the regulator (4x's), injectors (4x's) and fuel pump (3x's) and I can only say the difference was that after a hard start, the black smoke and high idle ended faster with completely new components.

    Could it be a fuel pressure or cam timing problem? The car operates normally other than those hot hard start periods.

    I have VTEC, but there were some occasions whereby on 2nd gear past VTEC crossover, when I changed to 3rd and applied 100% throttle, the rpm floated for a sec or two at 5000 before rising again. Maybe I shifted too slowly and the cam lobes ran back to normal which resulted in the lag time?

    When the engine is stopped, is the fuel pressure supposed to drop near to zero within a minute or two?

    I am still using the stock cam gear off the D16Z6 head.

    Any help is appreciated.
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