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were is the best priced b16a

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by zexymexi, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. zexymexi

    zexymexi Junior Member

    I am wanting to do a b16a in to my crx and i was just wondering were to find a good deal, thanks
  2. nealo

    nealo Senior Member

  3. crxsk8er

    crxsk8er Member

    i just ordered my from hmotorsonline like 10 min ago it came out to 1700 shipped to FL. it was the complete change over came with all this

    - Motor
    - Cable Tranny (Y1, S1, J1)
    - ECU (PR3, PW0)
    - Axles with Half Shaft
    - Shift Linkage*
    - Stock Motor Mounts*
    - Alternator
    - Starter
    - Clutch
    - Flywheel
    - Intake Manifold
    - Exhaust Manifold
    - Fuel Rail
    - Injectors
    - Distributor
    - Engine Harness
    - Comes With All Sensors Needed
    - LSD Tranny (Optional +$300)
  4. shortbusrebel07

    shortbusrebel07 Senior Member

    right now http://www.streetimports.com is cheaper than hmotorsonline...and B told me he was trying to work out free shipping with them i havent heard anything back yet from him on the issue but i know he was trying as of a week ago
  5. MaliWho97

    MaliWho97 Senior Member

  6. RiceRocket55

    RiceRocket55 Junior Member

    try hybridgarage.com. just about the cheapest prices i've seen for a compelete swap. 1350 with free shipping
  7. MaliWho97

    MaliWho97 Senior Member

  8. hcivic.com

    hcivic.com Senior Member

    osak is shit crapy product no warrenty and even worse customer support
  9. Yspeed

    Yspeed Member

    I was just at Sun rise motors and seen a B16a for 1500(50km) Canadian with Tranny and 2 month warrenty (long as you don't Race) If you guy's are from Ontario
  10. cxjon

    cxjon Senior Member

  11. seanjuan

    seanjuan Senior Member

    call Jeremy at japan direct

    he's a good guy to deal with and they only sell good motors. they are even listed with the BBB and have been an established company for quite a while now (over 10 years) so they aren't just some company riding the F&F wave.
    I just got a B16a with LSD from them and it has been great.

    they have good prices as well

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