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what engine would be good in my 96 ek hatch

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by boriquaracer, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. boriquaracer

    boriquaracer Member

    i would like to know what you guys think would be a good motor to swap into my ek.
    my budget would be around 2500 for the entire swap. i know i don't want a k series motor cuz too much $$$
    i was thinking along the lines of a b series motor. what do you think?
    also go easy on me i'm a noob. thanks
    Roberto :)

    VTECPOWER Senior Member

  3. integraslut78

    integraslut78 Stylus DJ Extraordinaire

    LS/VTEC B18B1 block with a GSR head bump the compression and you are rockin. You can find a LS for like $700, oh and get the GSR tranny too. Just my .02

    VTECPOWER Senior Member

    Easier said than done.
    What kind of experiece (does the poster) have?
  5. boriquaracer

    boriquaracer Member

    yes i'm a noob to hondas but not to working on cars. i'd rather have a ready to run motor. that b18c sounds good. i'd be open to an ls turbo also. i'm a welder by trade and a mechanic by choice. :p

    on the ls/vtec there is some machining to be done right? would a b20 vtec be as good? or a b20 turbo?
  6. integraslut78

    integraslut78 Stylus DJ Extraordinaire

    Sure a B20 VTEC aka CRV/VTEC would be better you would have more displacement 2.0liter as opposed to a 1.8liter. The only thing you have to do is tap the block for oil and run the VTEC wires to the ECU. I am not good at mechanics so I had someone do it for me but I hear it is pretty easy.
  7. 97CTR

    97CTR Senior Member

    no that is not ALL you have to do. You would need a water pump, timing belt, oil pump, head gasket, lsvtec conversion lines, etc. For your knowledge of hondas I would go with the gsr swap (b18c). Which would be the engine, axles, transmission, shift linkage, ecu and other small incindentals.
  8. boriquaracer

    boriquaracer Member

    i would have to swap shift linkage also?i've heard that unless its an h22 or a k series that i didn't have to swap the linkage. thanks for the input. keep it coming. [​IMG]
  9. VTECin5th

    VTECin5th Administrator

    No, you will need the linkage that is coming with the engine.
    b18C is a fine choice.
    b16 is fun but over rated.
    LS+T can't go wrong.
    Personally if i had $2500 i would do LST.
    I only had $1100 so i did b16 and i'm happy.
  10. E_SolSi

    E_SolSi Member of the 20 nut club Moderator


    get a B18B1
    turbo it
  11. boriquaracer

    boriquaracer Member

    now if i turbo the motor what will be needed to run about 300 hp safely to the wheels? i know i'll have to sleeve the block, replace the pistons and the rods with stronger ones.how much can a stock ls make turbo'd?
  12. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    id say around 220 at the crank before you start pushing it.
  13. Cashizslick

    Cashizslick !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!


    Yeah that sounds about right.

    Any more than 7 - 9psi and you are gonna have some serious problems if the motor is stock.
  14. VTECin5th

    VTECin5th Administrator

    I'd like to come back in here, i have seen 2 lsTs (one is vtec) running 12-14psi on every day stock internal cars.
    One was using chipped ecu and one was using V-AFC.
    7-9 is SAFE 11-14 is fine if you know what you're doing for fuel.
    300Whp is alot and the "best" way to get to that number is LST LSVT or h22T.
    If you've got money to play with i say do the LST,
    you can buy it and build it for the price of or less than a GSR swap or LSV.
  15. PhyRe

    PhyRe Senior Member

    spend 500 on a bs(hf mani, t25, 450cc injectors, 1gen bov, chiped ecu and tuning prog of your choice) turbo kit for that d you got so you can learn on something and then with the 2000 get an ls and then you could change mani and a few other small things and use the old turbo set up on the ls and it would work better seeing as it would be you second set up. or just go straight for the lst. but you can get around 200whp out of a d series if you do it right.
    homemadeturbo.com is good foya
  16. boriquaracer

    boriquaracer Member

    thanks i'll check that out. [​IMG]
  17. projectek9

    projectek9 Member

    get an LS motor and boost it later when you have more money.
  18. formby

    formby learning in progress

  19. k-series

    k-series Senior Member

    K20a2, hands down the best and the future.

  20. boriquaracer

    boriquaracer Member

    i'm already looking for a turbo kit for my d series motor. i found a turbo manifold kit for it now just to piece it together. i'm going to weld up the manifold myself. what turbo should i use? t-25, t-28? thanks

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