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What Ta Guys Think Bout Their Cars

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by stud4u2c17, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. stud4u2c17

    stud4u2c17 Senior Member

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    Feb 5, 2003
    Aight this is my friend Terry, he drives an 96 TA Automatic... and look how this convo went... he thinks that any honda CRX even with an H22 , would still not beat his car lol juss look at this its great...

    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:23:14 PM): hey
    Stud4u2c17 (9:23:16 PM): hey
    Stud4u2c17 (9:23:17 PM): whats up
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:23:20 PM): i heard u got a honda
    Stud4u2c17 (9:23:23 PM): yeah
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:23:29 PM): nuthin much i just put a system n my car
    Stud4u2c17 (9:23:32 PM): sweet
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:23:55 PM): 2 kicker comps and a rockford 750s amp. 4 gauge wiring
    Stud4u2c17 (9:23:59 PM): damn
    Stud4u2c17 (9:24:08 PM): im bout to put 17's on it
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:24:10 PM): it is crazy loud u gota hear it
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:24:24 PM): i thouight u were getn a fast car
    Stud4u2c17 (9:24:27 PM): and by next summer im droppin a B16a 160hp VTEC in it
    Stud4u2c17 (9:24:34 PM): for 1500
    Stud4u2c17 (9:24:48 PM): and with that stock engine it will run 14.4
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:25:07 PM): no it wont
    Stud4u2c17 (9:25:12 PM): yes it will
    Stud4u2c17 (9:25:20 PM): truss me
    Stud4u2c17 (9:25:35 PM): even with the ZC 130 motor it will run under 15
    Stud4u2c17 (9:25:49 PM): cuz my car weighs 1900lbs
    Stud4u2c17 (9:25:51 PM): its a CRX
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:26:01 PM): thats crazy
    Stud4u2c17 (9:26:04 PM): yah i know
    Stud4u2c17 (9:26:09 PM): i was even suprised
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:26:12 PM): but y didnt u get a performance car?
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:26:21 PM): like a turbo talon?
    Stud4u2c17 (9:26:22 PM): cuz anyone can juss go buy a performance car
    Stud4u2c17 (9:26:38 PM): u really cant say u have a fast car if u juss buy it off the factory
    Stud4u2c17 (9:26:42 PM): i like doing things to them
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:26:43 PM): yea and ne1 can buy a slow car2 whats ur point
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:26:54 PM): yes u can say it
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:26:57 PM): if its fast
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:05 PM): well if u get a slow car to beat a fast car in a race then everyone is suprised
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:27:19 PM): true
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:20 PM): anyone can juss go out and buy an 8k dollar car
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:22 PM): ya know
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:27:35 PM): true, ill believe it tho if u ever beat me
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:40 PM): yeah
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:45 PM): with the stock b16a i would be right behind u
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:27:53 PM): no u wouldnt
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:56 PM): but with performace cams i should be in the 13's
    Stud4u2c17 (9:27:58 PM): yeah i would
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:27:59 PM): mycar runs stock 13
    Stud4u2c17 (9:28:07 PM): 13 flat?
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:28:07 PM): i will be a flat 12
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:28:20 PM): high 13
    Stud4u2c17 (9:28:31 PM): if its an automatic 275hp
    Stud4u2c17 (9:28:35 PM): then it runs 14.3 or so
    Stud4u2c17 (9:28:47 PM): the 6spds run 14.0 if that
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:28:55 PM): im still getin the computer program, and rebuilt b&m tranny and b&m dragrace shift kit
    Stud4u2c17 (9:29:01 PM): yah
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:29:12 PM): mine will be faster than a 6 speed
    Stud4u2c17 (9:29:19 PM): if i put n H22 prelude motor in it, i gaurentee it that u would never catch me
    Stud4u2c17 (9:29:43 PM): a guy ran with a stock CRX with a prelude motor n trans in it... ran 13.2 at 119mph
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:29:43 PM): do it then'
    Stud4u2c17 (9:29:46 PM): fuck that lol
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:29:55 PM): i dont believe it
    Stud4u2c17 (9:29:56 PM): its only 3k dollars
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:30:00 PM): prolly just stories
    Stud4u2c17 (9:30:00 PM): well you dont have to
    Stud4u2c17 (9:30:05 PM): naa i saw the video
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:30:14 PM): u believe everything u read man'
    Stud4u2c17 (9:30:15 PM): u shoudlnt under estimate other cars that ya dont know much bout
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:30:25 PM): that dont mean it was what it said it was
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:30:40 PM): u change ur mind at the blink of an eye man
    Stud4u2c17 (9:30:46 PM): well u see
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:30:51 PM): u were all about the talon last week
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:03 PM): well i didnt want one for insurance
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:31:07 PM): u change ur mind about what car is the best everytime we talk
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:14 PM): i still think a talon is fast
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:17 PM): but this is what i got
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:19 PM): and what im pimpin out
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:31:43 PM): well u know where 2 find me when u wana race
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:46 PM): shit if i got an 800 ZC 130hp motor and a 50shot of nos i gaurenee i would beat ur trans
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:48 PM): yep
    Stud4u2c17 (9:31:49 PM): one day
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:32:08 PM): i dunno man
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:32:11 PM): we will c
    Stud4u2c17 (9:32:12 PM): yep
    Stud4u2c17 (9:32:15 PM): well i gotta go
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:32:15 PM): thats all im sayin
    Stud4u2c17 (9:32:16 PM): lata man
    KawasakiFoxGuy1 (9:32:19 PM): bye
  2. gupta_p

    gupta_p Senior Member

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    Jan 23, 2003
    Sounds like friends of mine.
  3. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss. VIP

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    Oct 4, 2002
    Welcome to the World of the Honda Haters. Many members just because we have more hp per liter.
  4. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Domestics are all rated at the wheels as of like 95.. a TA is what.. 310-320whp and 250 or so tq. Yes, its a heavier car, but its rwd and i would have another Camaro over my civic any day of the week. (plus i know more about domestics, this import shit is like spanish to a hillbilly)
  5. turbinedzc

    turbinedzc Member

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    Feb 18, 2003
    Damn rednecks and their lead sleds. Fuck a Ford and Shit on a Chevy. :ph34r:
  6. Zerosk8r455

    Zerosk8r455 Senior Member

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    Feb 1, 2003
    San Diego, CA
    i agree with turbinedzc, screw fords and chevys..i was gonna drop a chevy 350 in my ford customline..'til i realized what the hell i was doing...i'd take my civic over a domestic anyday...
  7. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin VIP

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
    I love imports, and I love domestics. No hate needed either way... it's just useless.
  8. chevy302dz

    chevy302dz Senior Member

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    Oct 1, 2002
    You can't make a blanket statement like a forgien car is better than a domestic car or a domestic car is better than a forigen car because it is just ignorant. You have to look at least down to the year and model when comparing stock cars, and down to the indivudal car when comparing cars that are not stock.
  9. 2 litre EG

    2 litre EG Senior Member

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    Dec 8, 2002
    so cali

    :withstupid: :werd:
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