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Which type of engine for and 1994 honda civic dx sedan?

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Demack57, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Demack57

    Demack57 New Member

    I have a 1994 honda civic DX sedan...I was reading all of theese threads and i was wondering what would be the best start on upgrading my daily driven car performance wise....in example.....keep the stock motor and boost it? ugrade to a b series? accepting all type of suggestions....
  2. delsol88

    delsol88 Blinker Fluid Specialist

    b18c1 and turbo down the road, or if u have the time, ls/vtec and turbo down the road. or turbo right then and there
  3. ReDCiViCSi

    ReDCiViCSi Banned

    I'm importing the b18c1 engine with the gsr tranny also, and turboing it pretty soon. I have a 92' Sedan

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    why import a motor thats made in the us,...but anyways to the ts, whats your budget that what we need to know first
  5. ReDCiViCSi

    ReDCiViCSi Banned

    ya i know, i was just going to buy one off this jdm website an they're in japan an it costs about the same from them as it would to order one from the states an who knows what people do to them around here... ya know? just want to make sure that it's all checked over an works good an everything is ok.
  6. 93civicracer

    93civicracer Lick my nuts.

    He said it's daily driven...so he probably doesn't need THAT much performance. 94 dx sedans come with d15b7's and I don't think you'll like that I know I didn't like mine so I'm swapping in a JDM d15b vtec, it's pretty much the cheapest swap you can buy and it's supposed to run 125-130 hp. I'd say get that and boost it to 200 hp for a quick daily driver and call it a day....or months or however long it takes :D. Or a b16a with bolt-ons...depends what you want man do some research.
  7. norcalgsr

    norcalgsr Honda Master Technician

    You never know.. my friend daily drives a built GSR swapped CRX.

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    ive got a d15b swapped in my 90 ef si hatch...its a daily driver and im goin turbo soon. id say go d15b and boost it
  9. donny_ptrsn

    donny_ptrsn New Member

    you can do that ^^^^^^

    or your could take and LS slap a B16 head on it cam it up simple bolt-ons and a wet 75 shot and you have a 12 sec. daily driver. yay!

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    or save yourself the money and just get the d15b,

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    pretty much it comes down to the money you wanna spend. if you got the cash, go with an ls swap. on a budget....d15b all day
  12. 90_EF_Hatch

    90_EF_Hatch Señor Member

    or you could put a z6 head on the d15 block you have right now ...

    i assume that would be cheaper than buying a whole motor.
  13. ReDCiViCSi

    ReDCiViCSi Banned

    d15b is my new buddy =]
  14. dtob

    dtob New Member

    There's a little more to an ls/vtec than that. Unless you like rebuilding your motor or adding to the hype that ls/vtecs are crapola.

    I'd say why not get the b20 if you are doing the ls/vtec. That's what I would do next time. ;)

    HATCHET_HONDA scottie fizzle

    yeah my next choice will definatly be a b series..but right now the d15b is my best friend too

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