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Will a B20a6 prelude engine fit into an 86 prelude??

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by MIkkkYB, May 14, 2010.

  1. MIkkkYB

    MIkkkYB New Member

    Hey guys, i've been searching everywhere to find answers on this one!! I just bought an 86 prelude B20A engine, and it's done 320,000K's, and i was wondering if i could drop an B20A6 into it.. i've found a trashed prelude with front end exterior damage on ebay for cheap, an the 86 i have is really in need of a new engine or a re-con.. but re-con is so expensive, and the guy selling the 89 damaged has already had his re-conned 50,000k's back.. So what do you reckon?? pls help i'm lost LOL

    Cheers ;)
  2. MIkkkYB

    MIkkkYB New Member

    Sorry, i didn't just buy an engine, it's the whole car bahahaha the engine is the b20a :p
  3. civicorprelude67

    civicorprelude67 New Member

    i would just get a new prelude, same year. The cars are cheap, it would be more wirth trying to buy a new engine and modifying your engine bay to make it fit. Thats jus tmy oppinion.
  4. MIkkkYB

    MIkkkYB New Member

    The thing is i have found an 89 prelude with front damage, with a re conditioned engine in it for $400.. So i was thinking maybe i could have the engine from the 89 put into the 86 that i own.. but am not sure if it'd fit lol... maybe i should just run the 86 into the ground, as u said it would cost just as much to change them engine's over, around 1800 i've been quoted, and another 86 is around 1500ish :p

    Just dunno

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