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Will these gears help or not

Discussion in 'Wheels / Suspension / Tires / Brakes' started by Domi31, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Domi31

    Domi31 Member

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    Mar 21, 2005
    Nor Cal
    I was thinking, I am planing on installing a JDM 4.7 final drive, keep in mind this is for drag racing

    My wheels that I am running are 15'' tires are BFgoodrich Drag radials with a 23'' diameter and I droped my trap speed to 97mph from my 17'' rims with a tire diameter or 23.5'' and trap of 99mph. Smaller tire slower mph but faster acceleration. (then agian the mph drop my becuase of less tire spin)

    Now if I go with a 4.7 final drive I will accl faster but chances are that my trap time will go down ago, my concern is when will my mph start to hurt my E.T. Do I have to worry about it with the 4.7 or is this more of a concern with the ATS 4.9 final drive.
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  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    shorter gearing is always faster, so long as you can shift as fast :)

    if you go with a bigger slick, it will help balance the gear box out as well.
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