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WTB: 92-00 Civic hatch in or near So Cal

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by MisterMister, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. MisterMister

    MisterMister USDM whore

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    Nov 12, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    Whats up guys. After having my last Honda stolen (197FWHP B18C5 swapped 2000 EM1 Si), I dropped out of the Honda scene for a few years.
    However, I am now looking to get back into the game.

    Obviously the first part of the equation is finding a chassis on which to build, and that's where YOU come in.

    I am looking for a 1992-2000 Honda Civic hatchback. In an ideal world I would want:

    *Great paint. No peeling, flaking, fading, or spotted clear coat. Something with a quality repaint job or very well taken care of factory paint would be ideal. White, black, or gray/gunmetal are ideal, but I'm not too picky.

    * Little to no body damage. And by this I mean dings, dents, and anything else. Please, no major body issues.

    * RUST FREE, for obvious reasons

    *Clear title.

    Now miles I don't care about. As long as the thing will get me from point A to point B for the next few months as I save up and sell my other car to afford the new engine/transmission/etc. I'm all good on this.

    As far as mods go, that's a toss up. I'm not looking to buy someone elses project unless its really done well and the price is right. Id probably end up putting a quality CF hood on the car, a Spoon style "duck bill" rear spoiler, CTR type front lip, etc. So any of that would be a bonus for me, although "wild" body kits and what not would need to be summarily chucked by me. As for "go fast" mods go, again its a toss up depending on what they are.

    To be really specific this is the car I had my eye on, but the owner just told me that he sold it and didint take the post down. DAMN IT!

    Civic EG :: View topic - 1993 hatchback dx new paint eg6 socal

    With all that being said, my only other "must" is that it be in the Southern California area. I live in San Diego, but am willing to drive to LA or where ever to check the car out in person.

    SO, if this sounds like something you can help me with, PLEASE post up!

    I will be paying cash, but I do have a 300RWHP 1991 MR2 turbo to trade in case that floats your boat.

    -Joe AKA MisterMister

    BTW; You can reply here, PM me, or email me at boostard@gmail.com

    Please be sure to supply a detailed description of the car (both good and bad) as well as pictures of available.

    Thank you in advance for helping a fellow enthusiast out.

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