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WTB: 96-98 Exterior, Interior Parts

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by MrOctober430, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. MrOctober430

    MrOctober430 New Member

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    Aug 13, 2006
    I'm looking for the cheapest of these things. I don't care if it's cracked chipped dirty whatever, I'm looking for a cheap deal. Remember it's all for a 96 Honda Civic DX coupe.

    Looking to buy around the Bakersfield area but will except around California, the West coast or any USA state.

    >96-98 Mugen Front Lip (or any front lip)
    >96-98 Passenger headlight (lhs, crome clear sparkle)
    >96-98 CTR headlights (both sides)
    >99-00 SI front seats only
    >96-98 cup holder with working closing led
    >96-98 Muffler (any muffler, except stock, 5zien, spoon, whatever)
    >Del sol seats front seats (black/grey)
    >Tein S.Tech springs (any will do, that will drop atleast 1.5)
    >EX, SI tail lights
    >Dual gauge pods

    That's all I can think of as of now. If you have these parts, PM me or e-mail me at fall_of_troy@sbcglobal.net. Remember I'm looking for these to cheap, I don't want to spend $200 for tail lights that's been used. I'm looking for cheap.
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