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WTB; A Bunch of things for a Del Sol

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by totalburnout, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. totalburnout

    totalburnout Well-Known Member VIP

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    Oct 22, 2002
    The Name of The Game Here is Cheap...right now my car is a money pit and I'm not going to get the money back out of the car when I sell it, so I only want stuff that I could get a really good deal on.

    First off I want Rims + Tires.
    Its for on a stock sol S, nothing bigger than 16's.
    -I want 4 matching rims in good condition, with tires that still have 80%+ tread left on them for *nothing more than a little over 200 shipped...the cheaper the better as long as the rims are still in good condition*
    -Stock rims off a VTEC sol or Si sol are good too.
    -I live in NJ, 45 mins out of the city, and 30 mins away from the Deleware Water gap. If the wheels are being shipped, factor in shipping charges to 07874.

    Secondly, an exhaust system
    if anyone else has a decent exhaust system thats realitively new with no signs of rust for cheap, I would be interested. It needs to be able to bolt up to the stock d15b7 header.

    Third, I need a passenger side fender for the del sol.
    Perferabley black and in real good condition, if its not black but its in good condition and the price is right...thats okay too.

    Fourth, I need a passenger side turn signal the the sol.
    Not the entire headlight assembly, just the turn signal portion.

    Fifth, a cheap black hood if anyone has one.
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