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WTB: Civic Wagon 88-91

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by bwaynep, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. bwaynep

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    Aug 3, 2007
    San Jose, CA
    Hi Hondaswap Community.

    I'm in San Jose California and I'm looking for an 88-91 Civic Wagon (Wagovan!).

    I've got about $3500 to play with and I've decided to move away from my 1990 Civic Si (which I would be happy to throw in as a trade for a wagon!).

    I'd prefer a non-4wd model if I can, though I'm open to them if a nice one is available. I'm planning on swapping in a GSR engine into whatever I get so if I end up with a 4wd it's back to the drawing board... maybe turbo d16z6?

    Anywho, exterior condition isn't that important... come to mention it, interior isn't either. I'm only interested in manual transmission models with clean titles, other than that I don't care (ac / color not important). So long as it runs and passes smog in California (legally!) it meets my criteria.

    Please email me if you have a wagon you'd be willing to part with. If you have one and want to take a look at my Civic please pm/email for more information, I'm more than happy to send pictures to interested parties.

    Short list for my civic is as follows; 157k on the Chassis, Black on Black, Built d16a6 (10.2:1 CR, Scat Rods, ARP Bolts, steel headgasket), Airmass header, Tsudo 2.5" stainless exhaust, Skunk2 full coilovers.

    Thanks for looking, hope to hear from someone looking to get rid of their wagon. :D
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