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WTF is goin on here....

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by a_integra_87, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Oct 18, 2005
    This has to be the HARDEST most annoying swap i have ever done.
    Literally every single time i get rid of one code with the JDM b18b (obd2) i get 2 more that come up. This is killing me, all i wanna do is drive the darn car.

    Alright it all started with a 97cx hatch swapping a 97 JDM b18b and JDm GSR trans.
    Right after the swap I got these codes for the IAVC, secondary o2 heater circuit, and manufacturer controlled ignition or misfire, and TPS sensor.

    WEll i fixed the TPS sensor, and got down to 3 codes. Did the IAVC swap, then down to 2 codes...the secondary o2 sensor heater circuit and the misfire.

    So i drive the car to the painters, got it back 2 days ago and today i went to check the codes to see if i got rid of either and now i have 5 codes...MFG controlled air and fuel controller (code p1289), the misfire code, secondary o2 sensor, VSS malfunction....and another one i forget.

    Well then i found the misfire code was actually the CKF code, so i spliced into the CKP right after the ECU in the C plug and that got rid of that code. Checked and it went down to 3 codes. Let it run a second and then another code for primary o2 sensor heater circuit came on.

    So now i have 4 codes, secondary and primary o2 sensor heater circuit malfunction, VSS circuit A high voltage, and the air fuel controller which is actually the ELD code.

    I dont even know where to start again, im getting to the point where i may just take it to a swap place and get charged out the ass for them to fix it.

    Next paycheck im picking up a obd1 p75, hopefully that will clear a code or 2.

    I dont know what the hell im doing wrong here. My harness was never cut. The ONLY cuts i did was to extend the o2 wires, the IAVC swap, and the CKF and CKP combination.

    My speedo was working fine then one day it just stopped on the way to the painter, unplugged it and plugged it back in and now it works good but still throws the friggen code.

    Any ideas to point me to clearing ANY code is greatly appreciated. Im too tired of this anymore to try to think of where to start.

    codes are:::
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