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wtt° ::: '94 dc2 gsr shell for 92-95 hatch shell ::: cleveland

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by molecule°, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    pretty stock frost white '94 gsr shell
    all the power options
    front/rear sway
    a/c is all there except for compressor/motor...etc
    carbon fiber hood
    qp's have isolated rust - not too bad
    this was a one owner chic vehicle
    the carfax shows religious factory tune-ups
    my dude bought it from a lot for the freshly rebuilt b18c
    i got the shell

    title in hand and is clear
    260k on shell
    but the engine bay is extremely good condition (very white) for the mileage
    which is rare

    please contact at eigerzoom@hotmail.com

    she drives strait and true as i have an sohc engine in her now
    hence why i want a 92-95 hatch to shave some pounds

    i would trade strait up for an si hatch shell
    or another with suspension mods
    or a stock vx to save on some gas for a while

    sorry for the crappy pictures...
    i'm such a horrible salesman...
    i should have washed her...





    Last edited: Jul 24, 2006
  2. Spoon07

    Spoon07 Junior Member

    Are you willing to just sell it for a reasonable price or do you have to have a trade? If so I may have somebody interested.

    -Thanks, Corey
  3. lil_red_rex

    lil_red_rex i do body work!

    wtf? d16z6 in a dc2? why the hell would u do tat? lol....looks funny and cool at the same time tho
  4. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    actually its a jdm 3-stage d15b
    has two vtec solenoids

    and for your noobness post
    jdm honda integras were sold with d16 motors
    this is a d15...but has the same peak output

    i think i'm keeping it if i dont find a good hatch or cash offer
  5. SlushboxTeggy

    SlushboxTeggy Senior Member

    Yea it came like that and it has been a swap that people have performed. Say you have a 95 integra and a 95 civic. You put the teg motor in the civic for a sweet swapped car. Now you have a motor and a shell..... a few hours of installation later you have a daily driver.

    PS- I love white DCs.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2006
  6. Spoon07

    Spoon07 Junior Member

    How much will you take for the teg without trade? With or without the motor, just a rolling shell.

    Let me know!

  7. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    that depends on what price i can get a local hatch for...
    and this is the effort of searching,posting,haggling & dealing i wanted to avoid with this post...
    so...either throw out an offer or go away
    something i can chew on
  8. dewayne

    dewayne Junior Member

    im located in ne cleveland ohio, lake county, i have a 94 hatch with swap done to it call me 440-223-1626 dewayne
  9. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    yeah, i called and left a message
    didn't hear back from you
  10. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    bump still looking to trade
    prefer a vx/cx hatch

    half a hyperflex kit has been installed on the teg...rest is boxed...
    new oem front shock mount bushings and endlinks
    new oem fuel feed and rear brake lines (long ones under the car)
    new brakes and calipers
    has a y8 mini.me motorvation now
    she is getting to be pretty solid

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2006
  11. IKONZls/vtec3

    IKONZls/vtec3 New Member

    interesting car, i have a 92 stock white cx, i am located in western PA, slippery rock to be exact the car is sitting except for the occasional illegal dash up the road to clear the carbon out of the stock engine, let me know thanks Jeremy
  12. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    can you send some pictures to eigerzoom@hotmail.com
    hows the body and mileage
    i assume it has the blue interior
    manual or auto...?
  13. IKONZls/vtec3

    IKONZls/vtec3 New Member

    i will send pics as soon as i get them on my friend digital, the body has been repainted and definite rust coming back in various locations, over 200k original, no ac, power steering the cx were i believe all like that in 92, it is a manual, ill get you the pics as soon as i get them would you take this hatch n maybe some cash, and would this car pass inspection like cat wise, and lights and all that lil stuff i really like the car and its different for just a decent daily driver
  14. molecule°

    molecule° Junior Member

    what color is it now...?
    is the rust any worse than the integra...?
    if its much worse i may not be interested

    the integra has a a stock cat and i'm confident it will pass emissions.
    the exhaust alteration was made on the d.series header so a b.series could be put back in if one desired very easily.
    it is my daily driver
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2006
  15. IKONZls/vtec3

    IKONZls/vtec3 New Member

    its still white, the rust is about the same i will get pics soon and send them to you via an email sorry i jsut cant now with i have medical issues and im leaving for virginia on friday, it is a blue like vinyl style interior

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