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Xbox live integrating on-demand movie and tv services

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by Battle Pope, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Battle Pope

    Battle Pope New Member

  2. Celerity

    Celerity Well-Known Member

    They'll charge an arm and a leg. And they'll get it.

    But whenever I hear "Instant movies on demand from your xbox / ps3 / whatever" I remember my favorite for-shit promise: "Movies, News, Weather and Internet on your Phone !"
  3. Battle Pope

    Battle Pope New Member

    That's slightly different though. On-demand video is probably more suited to a device that's inherently apt for it.

    Cell phone: Primary use - making calls. Other features, while convenient, sometimes only make the device more cumbersome to operate.

    Gaming console: Primary use - playing videogames and in some cases playing movies. It's plugged into your TV anyway, so why not expand on the services offered? Millions of people use xbox live already as it is. Plus there are still many areas that on-demand programming is not available in.

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