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Y8 into a 90 Civic 4dr

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by JoelATX, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. JoelATX

    JoelATX New Member

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    Jul 4, 2010
    I have a guy that's telling me a D16y8 block with a ZC head will go into a 1990 Civic 4dr which had a D15B2, 5 spd manual.

    He is telling me it will drop in without any wiring problems and the trans will hookup.

    Is this true!
  2. D16SiHatch

    D16SiHatch New Member

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    Sep 7, 2007
    yes it will physically bolt in perfectly and work with your stock transmission, however, it will require some wiring modications if you want to recognize it's full potential.

    you will need to convert to mpfi for one.

    if the head has vtec then you will need to get an obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper with subharness so that you can run a p28. then you'll have to run wires into the cabin for vtec and a 4 wire o2. this is one of many options when it comes to this particular conversion.

    Rywire - Online Store

    if you are only looking to get the car running for as cheap as possible though and/or are not interested in making a bunch of power then yes you can drop the engine in as is and use your current ecu, intake manifold, wiring harness, etc.
  3. JoelATX

    JoelATX New Member

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    Jul 4, 2010
    I realized that my question is not just a yes or no kind of thing. So I'll break it down into sections, that way everyone can help out with what they have done before.

    I'm using a D16y8 block with a SOHC ZC (non VTEC) head is going into a '90 Civic 4dr which had a D15B2 engine with a cracked block.
    For now we just want it to run and pass Texas emissions test. Will not be doing the DPFI to MPFI.

    Listed below is the part - solution

    Motor Mounts - Y8 driver's side mount and bracket
    Y8 to current Tranny - Yes, all good
    Clutch/flywheel/linkage - Good?
    Shifter linkage - ????
    Y8 to ZC head - oil control jet issue, compression issue (pistons or shave head), DX(B2/B7) timing belt
    Timing Belt Cover - ????
    Thermoswitch location change - ????
    New water pump and pipe o-ring - always
    Other sensors - ????
    Intake manifold - Use original D15B2
    DPFI - Use original D15B2
    Engine Harness - ????
    Coolant/Heater Hoses - ????
    A/C compressor - ????
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