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y8 mani problems

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by cxjon, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. cxjon

    cxjon Senior Member

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    Sep 28, 2002
    i have asked on many boards on how to swap a y8 intake mani on a d15b7 and everyone is like it just pops on... i was going to do a write up on my site on how to do a y8 mani swap and take pics but my batteries died in my digi but here is other problems i ran in to.

    1st problem there is a sensor plug on the bottom of my dx mani that is not any where on the y8. anyone know what to do with it?

    2nd there is three coolent lines on the 1st runner on my dx mani... a larger one and two little ones but on my y8 mani there is one little one and one big one so do i need to use a Y spilter on it?

    3rd and the biggest problem is that the damn mani could not go all the way back on head due to three notches on the rim of the head from where the valve cover meets it. the out side notches should be easy to grind in to the mani so it would fit on the head but the middle one has line out coolent or someting i dont know what it is there. so grinding a notch in it might affect it so i thought about grinding the notch off the head so dont have to mess with that line out on the mani. i dont know what to do

    has anyone done this swap?
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