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y8 setup

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by misbah, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. misbah

    misbah Junior Member

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    Jun 25, 2003
    ive made a few recent posts asking questions recently to work out some finals in purchasing parts, n just though i'd share it to see if any of yall had some helpful comments or suggestions. There alot more teeny parts on the list like head/rod bolts n the such but..this is the main stuff im worried about.

    je srp 10.5 pistons
    eagle rods
    portflow head work
    crower stageIII cam
    skunk2 springs, ti retainers, and flat valves, cam gears
    unorthodox alt, ps, crank pulleys
    venom intake manifold
    holley 68mm tb
    aem cold air intake
    dc sports 4/1 header, cat-back
    holley 190lph in tank pump
    ngk plugs
    hondata s200

    most of that is pretty much set in my mind. im a stubborn ass and will put gummy bear pistons in my ride if i want them. but i do have a few questions on the things i picked. sorry for the mass ?'s but i figure one big post would be less annoying than 50 mini ones.

    1-pistons! im getting 10:5 either way, because its actually a mini-me swapped block, so the compressions a bit up by .2 points i think i remember readng, plus those flat valves raise it .4 i read. and i think portflow mills the head some. i dont want to go past low 11:1 ratio. im torn between srp's and rollerwaves. je's i can get for 350'sh, nice 10.5 comp of the shelf like i want. their forged, im going NA no boost. but then i hear all the rave about the...550 buck rollerwaves. does the "roller wave" effect across the piston really help power wise? is it worth the 200 bucks? im not worried about the strength of either piston, just the power i could get from the rollerwaves. and the fact they look sexy as hell. but ill save money where i can, ill take 10.5 je's if the power gain isnt worth 200 bucks.

    2-those flat valves...are obviously meant to be flat. a valve job would cut angles into it if im right. do i not want the flat valves? or the valve job? or am i totally wrong about both?

    3-do i really need the feul pump?

    4-are the dc 4/1 and cat back a good choice? ill prob keep em either way, just wanted some opinions.

    5-plugs, u need colder ones when you raise compression, which NGKs do i go for with 11 somethin comp ratio?

    6- back to flat valves, is it worth the trouble to get +.5mm oversized valves? im all for em, but im not sure how this will interact w/ piston valve releifs mostly, dont want any knockin'

    in the end everything will be portmatched n balanced n your what nots, these are just the main things..i realize this is a swap board but please dont suggest a swap, i realize the money i spend on this will be more than a swap etc. etc, but the circumstances are that that d16 block can NOT leave that car. thanks guys, i can use all the answers i can get, hope i gave enough info. its gonna be a daily street car, with occasional , weekly, if i get a better job, nightly track usage. i had boost on my protege, and loved it, but i rode in a NA car and it was amazing, to feel that much power comin straight from an engine. i did all the research i could, just need some help w/ these!
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    I think my only concern here is..... why are you spending all that money on a d-series???

    I don't know... They way I look at it, you are building a 150 hp car for more money that it would take to drop in a b18c spec R
  3. misbah

    misbah Junior Member

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    Jun 25, 2003
    i wish i could swap it, i know its more cost effective, more hp/$, whatever you'd like to call it. But i cant remove that engine from the car, but i can modify it. as for the set up though, any suggestions/reccomendations? answer to the essay questions? lol
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