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Zdyne B16a Ecu Help please CRX

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by GunmetalEK, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. GunmetalEK

    GunmetalEK Junior Member

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    Jul 28, 2003
    Chattanooga and Knoxville TN
    I'm having trouble with my engine swap. I had the car running and deceided to pull compression, so i disconnected the fuel pump and spark plug wires. Compression ranged from 190 to 220 across. The Engine is a B16a JDM. My ecu i am using is a PM6 that is programmed by ZDYNE. I thought it was a wiring problem...long story short, I replaced all wiring even the wiring in the hatch, out of a 91' crx si. I am not sure how I am suspose to wire it in to the ecu. Does Zdyne have a certain wire setup for the pm6 to run the b16a? Right now i wired it as I would have if i had a PWO...cept i haven't ran the second o2 sensor. I emailed Zdyne and even called them, No response....needless to say I will not do business with again. The wiring must be a certain way with the zdyne ecu to work??? does anyone know? I have replaced the all relays... there is one relay under the dash behing the cdplayer small one what is this to?? I am getting fire at the end of each plug wire. I have replaced the fuel injector resistor box. I am getting gas for sure. My timing is set correctly. I have good ground. Fuel Pump kicks on. One thing that is weird. I turn the key to the on and the ecu light flashes once, but the weird part is no engine codes, i unhooked diff things to see if it would throw a code, but it doesnt throw a code for what i unhook. When I try cranking it it will just turn over and over, sometimes trying wanting to start but everonce in a while...does it alot when i let off at the key. Not the timing i have checked it many many times I'm at TDC on cyl 1. Just dont make any sense to me. Does anyone know what im talking abo :unsure: ut?? Please help


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