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    94 vtec head with solenoid for sale

    i am selling a 94 vtec head. car had 146,xxx miles. make reasonable price NO LOWBALLERS LIKE THE GUY THAT WANTED TO BUY THE COMPLETE ENGINE, TRANNY AND ECU FOR 200 also selling: vtec engine harness throttlebody complete with sensors alternator p70 JDM sohc vtec ecu (obd1) auto tranny...
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    complete 94 civic ex for parts or whole car

    im located like 120 southwest from San antonio. i have no idea if they will fit the 99 hatchback. if they do i will sell them for 150 shipped. is that reasonable enough for you?
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    94 ex tranny for sale

    yes it is. if not i told you i would refund your money.
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    94 ex tranny for sale

    like my other posts make reasonable offer. no grinds and very clean.
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    rear disc brake conversion for sale

    i am selling the rear disc brakes from my 94 ex. make reasonable offers. no low ballers.
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    d16z6 head and block for sale

    selling them separate but will also sell them together. engine had 146k on it. make reasonable offers.
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    complete 94 civic ex for parts or whole car

    lip was already sold tach has been sold even if i did have the lip wouldn't sell it for 25 shipped.
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    complete 94 civic ex for parts or whole car

    im trying man but i go to school full time and have a full time job so its kind of hard for me to respond in a timely manner. sorry about the wait guys.
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    complete 94 civic ex for parts or whole car

    do you mean everything inside the trunk like the side carpet panels too
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    complete 94 civic ex for parts or whole car

    the exterior is white, its not from canada it's from the U.S. was bought in an auction by a mexican dealer and was going to take it back to mexico but decided not to invest money into it so i bought it. was told i could title it with a court order by DMV and then told me they made a mistake and...
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    complete 94 civic ex for parts or whole car

    i have a 94 civic ex 5speed that am parting out. everyting works. selling cuz i can't get a U.S. title for it. bought if from a guy and come to find out it has an export only title. only thing wrong with it is that the ecu harness is cut. If you want anything from the car just email me and i...
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    were all 92 civic's inc. hatchbacks wired for vtec

    i want to buy an ecu harness for my 94ex and i know this guy selling one that came off a 92 civic hatch cx. he says that all 92 model civics were wired for vtec no matter model type it is. Is he bullshitting me or is he telling the truth. thanx
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    my civic sounds like its redlining at 3500

    how can i fix it. can i do it myself?
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    z6 engine

    i heard that cams and pistons will but what are the best cam and piston combination out there? Will i have to do anything to my ecu because i changed those out? What is hondata, uberdata, and all that data shit? which is the best one and how much does it cost? thanx