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    prelude seats into EG.. help!!

    Gotta bring it back from the dead, but how do you sit in the car with theese seats? are they higher or lower?
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    Selling EG Parts, Needing Teg parts

    I have the Axles, flywheel, linkage, clutch, clutch slave cyl, mounts, ecu, throttle cable, and maybe the hoses.
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    Built LS head, Will part out, Will trade for turbo parts.

    Bump... Suprised nobody jumped on this.
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    Built LS head, Will part out, Will trade for turbo parts.

    Ok, i have a p75 head, Fresh valve job, Supertech valve springs, Titanium retainers, Exospeed stage 3 cams, stock cam gears, no valve cover (unless i can find one laying around) 450 bux, I can also have the head street/strip ported/polished for an additional 100. What im looking for... 81mm...
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    ZC into 88 crx help !

    I am curious as well.
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    WANTED : p06 ECU Chipped and Converted to p28

    I can do it for you, hit me up, or IM Havoc340
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    Hey Cheap Hatch In Ny

    Is this car still available? I am very interested.
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    hf vs si tranny?

    thats crazy, it'd be cool if the 88+ were that simple.
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    ITB's, 38mm big enough?

    Ok, ive really been looking into ITB's for my ls/v crx. My buddy has a set of 38mm ITBs off of a yamaha. I know about all the work involved with setup and tuning... Im not scurred of that. I was just wondering if that is big enough to support atleast 300whp. Thanks.
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    Nitrous Jetting

    thanks, thats exactly what i was looking for.
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    Nitrous Jetting

    Ok, me and my buddy are building a drag 95 civic coupe. There is a F23a1 in it right now, and we have a Nos v8 wet kit on it. We have it jetted according to the fuel pressure with the chart for the kit. We are running a 51 nitrous and a 34 fuel jet. Im just curious what size hp shot that is. It...
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    uh oh, oil on my plugs and wires

    also a malfunctioning O2 sensor will do this.
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    Car starts then cuts off then starts but smokes crazy after IM,TB,Hond

    if you have a cat converter on your car, you should be getting moisture out of your exhaust, thats a sign its working right (turns bad gasses into water). BUT if you cant smell, just put your hand by the exhaust, and then rub your fingers togather. if it feels slimy or slippery, then your...
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    Lsvtec not running right. How does 1 degree mess with stuff?

    No, i wasnt expecting it to idle like stock. I was hoping it would have a little rumble to it at idle. However the "rough" idle i was talking about... it sounded like a little dragster. realy rough. It sounded sweet, but i knew it wasnt right. It was sputtering and backfiring, and with the...
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    Lsvtec not running right. How does 1 degree mess with stuff?

    Everywhere else ive seen its 1* retarted, and when i had my cam gears lined up, my crank would be past TDC. so that is retarded. I picked up a set of Sk2 cam gears today, and problem solved.