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    Need D16z6 complete swap,

    northeast corner, by both borders
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    Need D16z6 complete swap,

    i need a complete d16z6 swap for my bothers 93 civci ex, (engine trans. axles ecu) i sold all the stuff when i swaped but now im moving onto a crx and he bought my civic, it just need to be in good running order, no trash thanks located in kansas
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    General Lee Audi..

    that was fucking awsome
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    Andrew's engine swap (pics)

    i did a excedy stage 1 clutch and light weight flywheel on my b16, i took it up to 8000 the first night. and i havent had any problems. that was 6 months ago. i was always told not to leave hard or ride it hard for the first 500-750 miles.
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    Busting ass....I can almost see some rant....

    What do you guys do? If you dont mind me asking?
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    energy susp. bushings into crx

    i put a set on my hooked up alot better and when you punched it that ass end didnt squat. it also helped in corning. i"m planning on putting a set on the crx i am rebuilding too. but i would suggest having a shop push the old bushings out. they are kinda hard to get get out.
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    Phoniex AZ. emissions ?

    sorry i just dont get it. do they check to make sure you have all the emission stuff on and working or do they just do good look over? here in kansas they just take a look at the vin and make sure it matches the title.
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    Phoniex AZ. emissions ?

    does anyone know if phoenix has emissions laws? i live in ks, and i have never had to deal with it. the reason for the ? is that i am going to UTI in july 07 and wondering about my car. thank
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    Questions about the Amish - Post em here

    watching cnn on lunch and they said that 6 are dead including the shooter. cop gunned down the shooter and that is all they have said.
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    type r final drive

    you know i really didnt think about that. 3900 rpm does suck already..i dont know now.
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    type r final drive

    hell ya. i know what i'm getting for my b-day
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    type r final drive

    was wondering if the final drive that hmotorsonline will work in my b16tranny. the one for the 98 up type r my tranny is the second gen. non lsd b16 i just dont want to buy it if it doesnt fit. thanks oh ya, has anyone used the obx lsd on ebay. i know they are cheap, thats the reason at this...
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    convertion tranny kit? 250 i think.
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    penis size does matter, insurance quote

    its so funny how true that really was.
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    the Crocidle hunter is dead!

    R.I.P. that sucks