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    Free Carfax report

    Ok mods please unsticky, promo is over. The site I got it from cause them to end it early. I guess when you have 50K+ members using it would throw up a red flag.
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    Texas Drivers Watch out starting Sept 1st

    How the hell did that happen? I have gotten 3 drag racing(participating in illegal drag race) tickets. First was Garland and I got off of that--laywer I paid $55 to got it dismissed. Second was in Dallas, got it in March of 2002, court date was set for July 2003, I went to court cop didn't show...
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    Texas Drivers Watch out starting Sept 1st

    Yep cops will even try to get you to stepm outside of your home if you are drunk and arrest. Tip for Texans, if you throw a party and you are hammered and if cops show up to said party, DO NOT let them in, answer the door and stand INSIDE your house. If they ask you to step outside say no thank...
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    Free Carfax report
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    Texas Drivers Watch out starting Sept 1st

    ALL of these take effect Monday Sept 1st 2003 Here is another Info on points system Here is a list of...
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    F/S Clifford Matrix RS III--brand new

    Ok I am having to part with this due to some financial issues that have risen with my company and child support(basically company F'd up and sent child support 80% of my check instead of 20% and it is going to take till next month to correct This is the Matrix RS-3 two way paging alarm. I am...
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    Dodge SRT-4 Recall

    Hahaha, I got owned too, I looked at it and was like oh shit, then looked at the link. oh well. hehehehe
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    Trillion 2.0 beta

    Ok I am not sure how many of you knwo what trillian is but for those who don't go to and read up on it. Basically it is a chat client that combines, AOL, YAHOO, MSN, ICQ, IRC into one program to save on system resources. rillian has a free version for download, version .74 and...
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    Funniest Commercial I Have Ever Scene
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    Free Carfax Report 2/21/03-2/23-03 Just click on the box that says carfax on the left hand side about 1/4 the way down. I found out my 94 Grand Prix SE was originally a rental car for its first 22K miles.
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    5th Gen Hatch For Sale!

    Would like to see pics of car. Very interested. Please post.
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    best bumpersticker

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    we are getting dissed

    He doesn't have a CAI, he uses a short ram which in Houston is a VERY good idea.
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    Funniest thing I have ever seen

    Here is a link to what Hondaswap would look like if written in ebonics hehehehehe
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    Funniest thing I have ever seen

    OMG best thing ever hehehe Ok I found this site that is great. Ok everyone knows about alta vistas translator, and it is great, but wouldn't you wnat a translator that translated things into say Ebonics, Yoga, Ultra L33T, simple hax0r, into pig latin. heheheh this is great...