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    automatic to manual

    thanks dick!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    compatable transmissions

    if you cant find a a donor car go to they got trannys for sell for a good price.
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    automatic to manual

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be involved in changing a automatic da integra to a manual, i have a jdm b16a cable five speed motor and tranny, i have ecu shift linkage,tranny mount and pedals what else would i need?
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    wtb yamaha motorcycle jacket

    If any one has one send me some pics and if u like it ill get it, i think i need a m,or large,but nothing bigger im kinda of small, also willing to trade 2 digital audio twevels in a box for a jacket or ill sell them for a 100$ thanks
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    PA honda parts

    wanna sell the b16 tranny and if so how much ?
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    d15 vtec fs/ft for b series tranny

    like the title says i have a d15 vtec ,wanting to trade for a b series manual tranny, will have pics up later.
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    NJ eg parts for sale

    how much for hood and duck bill
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    wtb p30 ecu or chipped p28

    If any one has a jdm obd1 b16a ecu,or a chipped p28 let me know i need asap.perferably a jdm b16a ecu thanks.
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    b20vtec for sale

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    My master part out thread... Dc/eg/ek/ef/crx etc updates daily

    how much to ship clock and console to 27544
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    WI Honda/Acura Garage Cleanup (WI)

    i want clutch do you have flywheel to and how much shipped to 27544
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    cable clutch in 1994 civic

    anybody know
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    b20vtec for sale

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    cable clutch in 1994 civic

    Im wondering if it is possible to put a cable tranny in my 1995 eg hatch, iv got an obd1 b16a , iv got an ls cable tranny just wondering if that would work.