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    Crx lsv WONT START

    OK and you said you have spark but only part of the time or? And have you tried unplugging the main relay and holding the throttle to the floor and cranking it over for 20 sec stop for 20 sec then crank again for another 20 sec? If not try that and report back I want to know if it try's to fire...
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    Comment by 'Autoteck21' in media 'toys'

    Clean as f*ck!
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    Went for a drive after body and paint work!
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    91 civic hatch ef Si Sir JDM B16a Vtec

    It's a project for sure! But its coming along. Had to use my blue carpet because my black one got stolen! Punks!
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    Building The Little Black Hatch!

    Shell- 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback Si Motor- OBD1 B16a DOHC Vtec Goal- 450hp-500hp Tuning software- Neptune RTP ecu
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    anyone from colorado?

    Resection of an old A** thread again? How's every one doing? Would like to give a shout out to the guys and gals that keep this great site and connection between new and old car builders! Also want to see if there's a group out there looking to get out on a nice weekend in the next few weeks and...
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    91 civic hatch ef Si Sir JDM B16a Vtec

    OK so where I sit as of now.... Brake lines relocated to inside on the fire wall as well as my 40\40 prop valve. New custom engine harness is all done and all pins, splices, and "T" s are soldered & heat shrink insulated. Motor is built and installed (further details on motor still to come with...
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    Crx lsv WONT START

    So... What's the update? Did you get her running?
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    Crx lsv WONT START

    I know this may be a stupid thought but I've delt with mine doing this to me! When you pull the plugs out take a small tourch and dry them 100% then very lightly wire brush them clean all the while leave your injector plugs off so totally unplug them then with a long nose lighter down each spark...
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    91 civic hatch ef Si Sir JDM B16a Vtec

    OK I don't know why it uploaded them totally out of order!