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    wiring v tec`

    soji soji soji
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    Car failed air care

    u should sell ur car to some japanese guy for 100 bucks
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    Shift Linkage

    do u have to hammer the hell outta it to get it out?? i sat there for a while but it wouldnt come out, do i just need to hit it harder?
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    remote wire

    if all that fails man just run a switch with a fused power wire going into ur remote spot on ur amp, its a pain but at least ull get the boom boom for a temporary set up
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    if u wanna hide it take out ur spair tire unit and mount it underneath the board ur box sits on, but if u have the stock cardboard crap there, its a bad idea
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    fires in cars are bad man, dnt fuck wit ur amp wiring/mounting, do it right or burn, i made the mistake and burned a hole in my floor carpet, and inhaled a lil plastic smoke, *cough cough*
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    i have a 98 hatch wit a integra eng. in it does anyone know what the sensor on the side of the engine is for, its right on the plastic case for ur gears but its kinda hidden, i didnt hook it up yet and i dnt know what its for.......also my stock harness has 3 wires and the sensor on the integra...
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    anyone know a good site explaining how to make a custom moulded unclosure for a sub?? not just a box
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    Radar/ Laser jammers?

    what the hell............. this thread started off as a radar thread n then turned into some wierd thread about canada and prices............... kinda went off to[pic as for canada...............its a wicked place come visit beautiful cnada!! :D
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    crankshaft fluctuation sensor

    my car seems to run ok, without it im just worried of things to come..................... heheh
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    small misc parts

    why dnt you just get everthing for the same enbgine, much easier for you and a b18b tranny is cheap anyways actually most of the b18b parts where im from are super cheap
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    Complicated B18B in 89 DX Hatch, I have questions.

    dude, this swap is not gonna be fun........... sounds confusing...........
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    fuel??? you mean my fuel system or the fuel itself.............
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    Car won't start

    just charge ur battery up, first and try that, dnt fuck around wit anything till you try that, instead of trying to fix something thats not broken then end up breaking it. hehehe
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    too much?

    do you know how much the seal costs? o yea, and today i was tightening the valve cover nuts and i snapped one to, fuckin pissed me off, lol