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    Engine And Tranny Match Up

    what are the tranny codes on the h22, h23 and f22 trannys?
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    94 Integra part out

    how much for the coolant reservoir? And the console where the stereo goes?
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    dpfi to mpfi?

    which b18? If its obd0 just plug it in. If its obd1 you need an adapter harness, like from
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    dpfi to mpfi? or else try
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    parts for sale

    What are the specs on the turbo, and where would you get a new wheel?
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    UFC tonight USA vs Canada

    That one should be a bad ass fight. If gracie is still like he used to be he might beat hughes.
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    Parting out 00 GSR...lots of parts

    how much for the drivers side rear lca shipped to 82501?
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    b16a into 89 crx si help please

    Are you throwing any cel's?
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    b18c1 Swap quistions

    I thought the iab's just run off of vacuum??
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    UFC tonight USA vs Canada

    Matt Hughes would beat diegos ass
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    b18c1 Swap quistions

    I was thinking about this swap too and wondered about the wiring. I have a b16 already, would the obd conversion be the only wiring difference?
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    Liddell vs Couture 3, This Sat, who's gonna win?

    going to be a bad ass fight!! Rich Franklin will match up good with either of these guys.
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    FS Apex VAFC Vtec Controller

    Not too familiar with this, but will it work on obd0 b16?
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    B18 C1 GSR + A civic

    how much would you be looking for on the b18c?
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    UFC on Spike tonight

    How do you figure? He repeatedly defended his title.