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    Cx To Gsr Question?

    any b-series manifold will work for now. Even thought the gsr unit flows exceptionally well, any will work... They can be had in the classifieds here and on cheap...
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    Ecu Question

    you may like the secondaries on the gsr manifold, think about keeping that manifold. Try to find out how other people like the secondaries
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    Obd0 To Obd1 Conversion

    before you do anything, what kind of car... Most of the time, you can use the harness from the car and just a downgrade plug with the obd1 ecu. That way you will not need a dist...
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    Hey Gsr Manifold On A B16a2 Possible?..........

    I haver had GSR's, on my 3rd swap. Secondaries to me are a great thing. Overall, top end, your not really gaining anything. Midrange, and part throttle is off the chart, massive gains. I am not sure but I thought that Erick's racing was running a b16 head with a gsr manifold. However I...
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    Hello All, New To Forum!

    Hello all. I am new. I came over from H-Tech. Looking forward to gettiung good info from you guys... Party on