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    H22 Swap Into 97 Civic Dx Hatch

    they only hate on our h22 civic swaps because (1) we either out ran them, (2) they sunk a shit load of $$$ into a B18C5, and we still outran them, or (3)they go along with what the "norm" is and have no desire to do something different than a b series swap. i am not hating on b series swaps, i...
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    Engine Mounts, Swap Goodies, Hyperclutch, Aasco..

    see the post below this.
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    Wtb New Or Used Performance Clutch For 92+ H22

    i am in need of a stage 2 or higher performance clutch for an h22a. new or used, it doesnt matter if the price is right. please PM or email me at i need this clutch by saturday, so i can install the h22 in my civic. thanks shane
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    Which Clutch?

    i have heard bad things about the clutches ACT have been producing lately... i know in the past you could count on ACT, but ive heard they went to shit. something about one of the main ACT guys leaving and starting proclutch?? not really sure if this is true though.
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    Fs: Hcp Mount Kit For B16, B17, B18 Into 88-91 Crx

    i have this mount kit that i never used. 300 bucks plus shipping comes with driver side mount, rear tranny mount, and passenger tranny mount. very good quality!!! email i am paypal verified!! thanks shane
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    mount question

    will an upper driver side mount out of a 95 gsr work on a b18b swap in an ek civic?? i know i need a mount out of a 99-00 si, but ifigured the mount may be the same as a gsr.. thanks shane