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    Updated youtube embeds

    looks like we lost this feature in the upgrade.... will try to get it working again
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    converted to https

    Family owned, non-coporate small biz :)
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    converted to https

    This was long overdue, but I finally installed an https ssl cert on here through Comodo and updates our proxy so all images and outbound links don't throw the 'site contains both secure and insecure content' So, all links shoudl auto-redirect. You may need to re-login and create a new cookie...
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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    They grow up so fast
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    The white-mess, my EM1 Si with a d16y8.

    The few times spelling out transmission saved you :)
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    No one posted about Kobe?

    Helicopters have killed so many famous people.
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    whats vibrating your eardrums?

    1213... naw too early
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    Trading in the ST for a C6 Vette

    Still has a hood... impressive
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    I did a thing.. '19 ZL1 1LE Build

    He traded the gtr in on it... so yeah big down.
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    Howdie. How's things?
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    Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

    The problem isn't the bass..... it's the horrible modern rap that people play through them
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    Matt's s2k Build (Project Mess2k)

    Wing > crashes
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    Upgraded the software

    So i figured out 3 major things since updating... - the hit to the media gallery random images was doing a 500-record query about 50,000 times a day. This was wreaking havoc on the database table. it kept growing. You may have seen messages like "search is marked as crashed" over the past...
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    Matt's s2k Build (Project Mess2k)

    So, does this mean the ZL1 is gone? Looking forward to your fast-window down mod and 20k under the hood!
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    Upgraded the software

    Mobile experience is greatly improved