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    fuck hurricanes, it's going to toy with us and turn back intot he gulf and ass rape us once again, i can see it now
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    The Official College Football Thread

    duhhhh duh duuhhhhh da! geaux tigers!!! LSU woo hahaha
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    Building a B20 Block

    ok...then if YOU want to, get a sc :mrgreen:
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    initial d

    initial d 4th stage episode 18 is out :mrgreen: epi 18
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    What kinda mileage do you have?

    my 93 civic si has 200,000+
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    Getting new wheels...

    yoko es100 i have a few friends with them on and they are nice... i have the 215's on my civic right now...
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    i'm just guessing that money isn't really that big of a problem if you sold your family cabin...unless if it was to help you pay some stuff off. there are 3 civic running around where i'm at with the k20 swap (one eg and 2 ek's) and they are mind blowingly quick for just having a swap. I know...
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    Gummi Bears are good for you

    ...and gummy bear sales rise... it's all part of their plot to get you to buy more and more now :o ... i'm craving them now :(
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    k24... :D
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    2006 Civic - Official Information & Pics

    i'm thinking about selling my eg and getting this now haha
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    initial d 17 i'm d/l right now...i hope it is, i just watched 16 :D
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    initial d epi 16 yay :D
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    breaking news

    well i'm getting ready to go back to my house today. my dad went yesturday and said that our whole neighbor hood did really well and out house wasn't that bad. he said all the firefighters, etc. were deputized and had side arms and there were cops constantly going up and down the neighborhood...