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    Which Engine

    it's really a hard choice. I've seen LS turbo and GSR turbo and both runs pretty good. The thing about LS/VTEC turbo is that they blow out during high revs more than 8200. i've seen it many times at the drap strips and myself, experience it too. The LS Turbo, if built to right specifications...
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    where is the IAB located. I heard it a black box or sumthin under or near the IM. any suggestions?
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    Wiring Vtec Into 89 Crx Si on tech.....scroll on OBD1 to whatever OBD is the should tell do know where the VTEC solenoid and switch is located on the engine right?
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    B16a2 In 94 Hb

    check out the speed sensor....
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    where do you live? my shop will presmog for your car, if you don't pass, we'll tune it to pass. hey i also do legitimate runs...
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    B18 Block

    WHY? might as well slap on a B16 for the cheapest....
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    Safe Specs For A Turbo Kit? Help!

    the best solution is just to build up that motor to reach turbo applications. THis, you'll achieve the best out of it. Be patient and do researching. but for right now if you can't wait, i recommend a small Trust of HKS. but if you want to build it, build the head suitable to handle the turbo...
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    go with rota.....slip stream is alright, but just check out rotas C8.
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    Help Me Please!

    it'll save you more if you do a whole lot of research.....installing the motor and making it run by yourself is a must. with the installation fee, you could of built that motor. B18C into EG6 is not hard at all. wiring is easy as hell too....if you need some advice, holla at me.
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    The Rebuild Is Finally Getting Close

    put some work in it, nice work. i'm still cleaning mine out, theres sure a lot of salt and solvent. i'm thinkin of building a new one.
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    0bd1 Motor Into 0bd0 Car

    dang this shit is hella confusing.....obd this obd that...hheewww
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    What's Really Better?

    the f20 only cost 2000....the trust R1 really hit hard on the F20 during second gear, you can really hear that thang. The F20 did take out the H22 on 1st to third gear, and the H22 ran up side by side during 4. I think the h22 lags out on low ends, then sends up quick on the high....good for a...
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    Obdi Engine+harness Into Obdii Car

    buy an much have to hook up IAB though, notice you don't have IAB on your Si......
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    as soon as you release the clutch, it's a direct catch. this means, no loss of speed.
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    Supercharger Or Turbo?

    go turbo, it's a little budgy buying oil for it every 2 weeks but hey it pays off.