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    My K20Z1 eg finally done with numbers

    Nice! do you have any engine bay pics?
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    Turbo b16a

    I gained mileage on mine if I drive conservatively with no ac use... 30mpg Otherwise asshat driving + a/c yields 21 mpg lol How many miles on the motor? Reasonable depends on your budget and quality of parts you want. Your power goals are also important
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    b18b1 turbo???

    62k miles is nothing. Boost away at 7 psi. Get a real good tune from whatever tuner uses hondata or something similar. My setup pushes what you want plus I get 30 mpg :) For injectors 440 cc should be plenty. Fuel rail should be fine. You might want to get colder plugs, but if your tuner is...
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    92-95 Civic Part Out Biggest EVER!

    Its not teal its aztec green pearl!!
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    car wont turn over!!!HELP PLEASE!!

    By wont "turn over" you mean it cranks but doesn't start right? If that is the case then your timing is way off on the belt when you changed it. Make sure you align the cams and the crank pulley :) Another thing to check is for your fuse box. maybe one of those fuses is out. Also check for fuel...
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    radiator went out...time for swap

    no its not. 93 civic uses a half sized radiator. it will still match the b-series motor. just buy a koyo as stated before and get the radiator hoses for a 94 del sol vtec :)
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    need advise on del sol swap

    all you need is to replace the broken stuff. you can keep axles, tranny, etc. if you are talking about a nonvtec b18 then wiring is easy. if you are talking about a b18 vtec motor than wiring is still easy. you would just need the ecu that matches the motor, motor, and some wiring. your...
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    Motor Swap

    yes take it if it is free. if built right, it can make some good power.
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    B16A Question

    tell them you have a 1994 civic del sol vtec should be easy for them to find the parts
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    Motor Swap

    do you mean h-series? If I could do it again, I would have gone h2b...
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    How Much Should I Budget?

    Everything you did should be done regardless of the motor. And yes, any b motor will put a smile on your face regardless, however the more power, the bigger the smile. :)
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    Motor Swap

    I also went with hmotors. Painless transaction. DO get an lsd though.
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    How Much Should I Budget?

    no need to do the upper ball joint unless you are changing out suspension. You just need the lower one. Heres a vid for, easy, quick, and saves your boot... YouTube - Honda painless ball joint removal Notice the ratchet stuck in to pry the joint open
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    Testing Waters: RHD EF9 SIR

    Hey big nate...delete your last post unless you did that for perfectly legitimate reasons. :)
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    B16A2 Turbo- High Oil Temp

    Yeah, your oil eventually leaves the turbo, but that needs to be fixed asap.Like everyone else said the oil should flow down into the oil pan, unless you want to stick an electric oil pump in the copper line. I don't even know where you could get something like that.