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    cam shaft problems

    Post some pics of your cams and someone can tell you if they're done.
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    vtec problems

    I you want someone to help you, don't act like a dick and they might want to. I'm not calling you a dick just saying that you're acting like one. This site is for people who need help and know how to ask for it the right way to get help, not for people who need help, don't search for their...
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    Temporary loss of power

    Ya I'd try the plug wires, do you have stock or aftermarket wires? About two years ago I had some trouble with my car sputtering and it was the plug wires. They were taylor and they looked fine but I replaced them with stock wires and the car has been running great since.
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    B18c1 or B18c5 HELP

    Ya I'd go with the C5 as well for what you want to do, LSD is amazing. If you were going to boost it or do some serious mods I'd say to go GSR but if you are just doing some mild mods ITR is the way to go.
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    vtec problems

    You sound like a douchebag and I hope no one helps you out. VTEC!!! AND CEL NOT CELL!!!!
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    d15b2 or b16a?

    Stock cams would work fine, an upgrade isn't necessary but GSR cams or ITR cams would be a good upgrade and cheaper than the aftermarket counterparts.
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    k20 into ek em1

    Don't forget axles, and shifter because its cable.
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    cam shaft problems

    Yup, looks like it, what's wrong with the cams? They usually don't really go bad, no much can go wrong with them other than wearing out. Rockers look ok judging by the pics.
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    cam shaft problems

    If you have non vtec you need non vtec, if you have vtec you need vtec.
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    99 OBD2 GSR swap into 94 OBD1 civic Wiring

    If the car is running currently and it runs well besides the fact that the vtec doesn't work there must be something else wrong and all your efforts in converting the wiring harness to OBD2 will be for nothing. If you are runnning the car with OBD1 wiring you'll need to buy a new dizzy...
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    cam shaft problems

    Have a look at the cams, if they have 3 lobes per cyl then they are vtec and you need B series DOHC VTEC cams, if they only have two then they are non vtec. If you need vtec B18C or B16A will work, just find some good used ones. If not then find some non vtec b series cams. I've got a set of...
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    B18C4 (B18C1) Swap Problems, Wont Start but have Fuel and Spark

    If you've taken off the plug wires from the dizzy just make sure they are back on in the proper firing order, I took mine off and screwed it up putting them back on one time. Car wouldn't start. What model and year of car?? Is the engine out of a matching year or obd? Oh and make sure that...
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    CAN A 91civic D16A6 FIT INTO A 92 HATCH EASILY?

    Sell the 91 if its in good enough shape and get a complete z6 swap for the eg. They are cheap and easily found from people that have swapped a up to a b series.
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    b16a from 10.4 cr to 11.0 cr

    I only have one thing to say. WHAT????
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    b16a from 10.4 cr to 11.0 cr

    To tune in the cams you'll need someone with a dyno, a chipped/socketed ecu so the program can be modified using neptune, crome etc, and a tuner to do it for you. If you don't do that you won't get the most out of them. Also you'll need some adjustable cam gears to tune the degree of the cams...