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    What Size Injectors?

    RC engineering
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    96 Civic Dx B20 Swap

    yeah, you just answered it yourself. Your stock tranny is a D and the new (CRV) donor is a B, IR the two won't mate up! You need a B series FWD tranny, preferably hydro, since that it what you currently have. If your cheap, HASport has a Hydro to Cable converter, but you will do better with...
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    Anyone Wanna Guess...?

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    Supercharged Gsr

    a td03, but the power that the turbo comes on and stays on compared to a SC is different. The more boost the engine recieves, the more it keeps the turbo spooled, but the more boost a Sc engine recieves, the more rpm's it encounters, and the SC maxes out at whatever pressure it can, then it...
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    Supercharged Gsr

    I had the same setup with 370cc's, a walboro 317, and a slew of feul and ignition add-ons. I could never get it under a 13.8, to save my life. I also had the 8lb pulley, and a CRV pulley, for a total boost of 10-11 lbs. IMO, and I am not trying to bash, sell the blower and kit on E-bay, and...
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    What Size Injectors?

    According to the math, and your stock ECU, you should use 330-340 cc and very little adjusting with the AFC. Dyno it for better results, don't trust your butt-dyno.
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    1991 Crx Hf To Si Conversion Help

    Actually the hardware should be your only concern, the HF's and Si's share the same wiring, but not engines or computers. The Si engine will bolt up to your tranny, as well as intake and exhaust, the only thing you will have to change is the ECU. If you want the Si tranny, the you will need...
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    Wiring Harness Problems

    I won't be a dick like everyone else....I just did the same swap....You need to swap the CRX harness with the JDM one...I know, it will take some time, but then you can use the CRX harness and mod it to work with the PR3 computer and fix the dist. and V-tec wires. Look up some SCC magazine back...
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    I Thought I Had It...

    I have had the swap in for almost a month(B16A1/1990 DX Hatch). Have the S1 tranny, and put in the 1990-1993 axel on the pass side, and the 1987-1989 on the drivers. It all fit perfectly. Now the drivers side is clicking. I don't think it will last long. Should I 1:swap midshafts with a...
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    B16a1 Into A 88 Dx Crx

    Not flaming.....Everybody also knows how to do a search. There are at least 40 posts of shopping lists of complete swap info, and even some vendors post these lists. (HASport). I am not going to go into detail, it would be a lenghty waste of time. I just did a B16 swap on a 1990 DX by MYSELF...
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    Spindels On 91 Hatch

    I just did a 90 dx hatch. Kept the spindles, removed the spacer. Stock 87-89 Teg axel on drivers side, stock 90-93 Teg axel for the pass. There is no dust seal, by the way, unless you get the axels with ABS. Don't get the ABS axels, and your good. Hope this helps.
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    Axels And Shift Linkage

    I just finished this same swap. You will need a 90-93 teg pass side, and a 87-89 teg drivers side. The JDM linkage you should recieve from the swap will work if you extend both shafts 2.5". Good Luck!
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    Oil Pan Went Crunch

    I just finished the install on my 1990 DX, which still has stock suspension, and tonight I went through a construction zone, and out of nowhere(it was dark) hit the biggest bump of my life. I pulled into a lit parking lot, and saw a nice fat indent on my newly installed oil pan and header. I...
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    B16a Swap Problems / Need Help

    I just finished this swap. I had a B16 from an XSi. If that is the one you have(S1,YS1 tranny), you will need the pass side from a 90-93 Teg(usdm), and the drivers side from a 87-89 Teg(usdm). Sounds like you did the exact same thing I did. You should have swapped the CRX engine harness from...
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    Ok, I Lied....

    OK, I resources my need, and I found an obscure japanese website about Honda swaps and after waiting about 5 minutes for each post, I was able to resolve my issues! NO MORE CEL!!!!!! The car runs sweet now, very similar to my GSR, but revs quicker and seems more ballsy(the GSR was a 2600 lb...