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    help need my d16zc engine doesnt start

    try to check ur distributor it happened to me once untill i found tht it crank bt wont start so changed ma distributor n pamm gave me spark fuel
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    timing belt problems d16 helpppp

    hello everyone i need some help i changed my headgasket on my dx 97 during the wekend n now when i wus almost done putting everything back together n when i try sliding the timing belt back on again lik i took it off i couldnt wat can i do guys is a realli small space tht i need to put it bak in...
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    i need help with my d16

    Ok so its under the motor mout by the timming belt i got a 97 civic so i think is da same
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    i need help with my d16

    Ok i got it thnks alot guys now to put it back together the hard thing n got me stoped from workin wut to put back the timing belt i just slide it off n when i tryed to put it back on i cant get it on any suggestions how to lose it or sumtin
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    i need help with my d16

    hey wus up im new in dis pg bt mmm two days ago i started to take apart my d16 because i had a blown headgasket i unbolt all the bolts tht i had to from the head n harness also and hoses too but when i try to lift the head the head wont come off any sugestions plz?