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    2k V6 Questions

    Hey everyone, just bought a 2k v6 for my girl, want to hook it up (it's under warranty.) Do you know if an intake will void?. If so I gotta wait a while. Anything I can do to add a little power w/o losing the warranty? She had to have the f-ing warranty cuz she's girly. Thanks
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    what's your favorite quote?

    When I die, I want them to bury upside down so all my critics can kiss my ass. Bob Knight
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    ebay idoit

    Noob=fucktard. I don't think being new to a site makes you a fucktard, I think saying stupid shit does. Didn't most of the members start as Noob's? Just an observation.
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    what's your favorite quote?

    If I had one wish, I'd wish for an ass big enough for the whole world to kiss. Slim Shady "Stupid is as stupid does" F. Gump
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    whatcha git?

    Olympic weights/bench, tools, $$, fat stomach.
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    merry christmas everyone!

    Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for new year. It's 80 degrees in the shade here. I love Florida. :D
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    h22a into 1990 accord

    sorry, didn't know the 90 was different from my 93 as far as compatability w/ the h22a
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    h22a into 1990 accord

    After you add HP, you gotta get some flow goin (exhaust/headers, intake) then I would probably beef up your suspension. Possibilities are infinite w/ the H22a, has good torque and there are plenty of after market parts available.
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    h22a into 1990 accord

    You have a lot of options, first a 200 hp H22a v-tec, some one help me w/ the proper Obd. Or for some extra cash you can get the Type-S (bad ass) which is 220 hp.