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    96 GSR integra

    I need help i have a 96 integra gsr it ran fine untill the distributor started to make noises like the shaft in it is ready to let lose. Could thise be cousing bottom end to knock a lil when i crack into it couse it isnt putting out enough spark. I put a msd cap on it and convirted it over to...
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    89 prelude parts and newer civic lights

    im selling a 5 spd transmission to a 89 prelude with 95k on it no grinds shifts great also have a set ot tinted smoked tail lights to a 89 prelude, a cumputer to 89 lude and many more to th 89 lude. I also got a pair of clair tail lights to a 94-00 civic Hit me up if u want any.
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    Vtec engages @ 6k

    my 96 GSR hits vtech at 4200 all the time and its loud as shit you all might need to get your shit in check
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    GSR engine nose

    i have a 96 GSR and i have a noise that is comming from the bottom end that sounds like theres something in there clattering it dont do it all the time its when i put strain on the motor if u have any ideas please let me know thanks. also looking for a type R engine
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    OBD1 B18b Complete Head & Intake Manifold

    i am interested in your car
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    WTB: GSR throttle cable bracket

    yes i got one if u still need one let me know
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    Need an engine for Honda Prelude 1997

    Well is your head warped or did u toast the motor i can get wutever u need wut kind of motor do u need i can get any motor u need.
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    looking for a 92-95 D-series si manualtransmission

    i can get the year u need 70k on it for 400 not shipped i can get anything u need for it as long as u let me know wut u need
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    Selling a 96 Integra GSR 4 door Its lowerd, Dcsport Header Custon Exhaust, Aem Cold air Intake Stage 4 Clutch MSD Cap coil Wires JDM Tranny Swap Also have a blitz frot clip that goes along with it,KYB struts 134k refreshend motor new axles and monster tach asking 8500.00
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    FS Skunk2 dual valvesprings for B series VTEC

    get a hold of me if u still have them i would like to get them
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    150 shoot nos

    I have a 96 integra GSR and im going to spray 150 shot of nos to it at the strip this weekend so wut do u think will happen i think i will blow my motor apart.
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    It has to be your solenoid it has to be the problem it is probaly junk so see if u can get anothe one.
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    tranny case

    I have a 96 integra GSR tranny case for sale in great shape good for building a tranny will bolt up to any b series motor asking 50.00 i will also include all the gears and evrything in the tranny i took it apart to build a racing tranny and then i decided to just get one already built so i dont...
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    front clip

    I have a front blitz clip forsale i had it on my integra for about a month and i didnt like it so i took it off its for a 94 up asking 100.00.
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    honda/acura parts

    im interested in the GSR tranny i need one bad e-mail me at will pay top dollar