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    B20 w/LS auto - won't shif out of park

    Jason, I got all your emails now bud. I'll go through all your questions and clarify things and make sure all your wiring for the conversion harness is 100% correct. Thanks, Jason
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    B16 tranny needed?

    Even if you go boost, keep the b16 tranny. The short geared tranny has an excellent torque multiplier and you can work around getting the power to the ground instead of getting longer geared tranny. If you are concerned about cruising rpm, LS 5th gears are fairly inexpensive and swap...
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    B16a2 Turbo cam choices...

    Hahah. ITR/CTR cams were found in high end naturally aspirated motors why.....because Honda never made a good turbo motor to use them properly. I would recommend doing some 2009 homework because you guys seem to be stuck back in 2003 era for building solid high hp turbo Hondas. I have been...
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    A/C Compatible Ramhorn manifold comparison...

    Full-Race FTW. For the guy that said they have 1k profit built into their kits....seriously dude. Do you know anything about them? Ever heard about overhead? Know how much it costs to staff that many people, own a CNC robotic tig welder, etc.?
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    Gsr Cams

    Keep telling yourself that. Once you have the experience tuning a good turbo setup, you will change your statement. The ITR cams have proven to make really good power. My car made 25whp more on pump gas ITR cams vs. gsr and 40whp more on race gas than the gsr cams all across the board...
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    Gsr Cams

    What turbo, manifold, dp are you running? GSR are good cams for mild turbo applications, but anything moderately aggressive and good head components, ITR cams will make more power when dialed in properly.
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    first time at track... i suck, my car sucks

    First off, your reaction time has nothing to do with your ET. You can sit there for a minute if you want to. Time doesn't start until you start moving. Many suggestions for you: Try lowering the tire pressure down to 20. Feathering the throttle on the launch, get the car tuned, etc. Mph is...
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    Gsr Cams

    I would skip the step to GSR and go to ITR cams with some cam gears.
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    FS: MoTeC M400 ECU, Mil-Spec Harness, T1 trigger kit...

    Seperating the men from the boys.
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    95 JDM Auto GSR tranny

    I am correcting some bad information for future readers to see. Someone else bumped it back to life so I figured I would add the correct info. Why are you posting in it if you do not have any technical information?
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    OBD1 Dizzy w/ OBD0 ECU

    The preOBD distributor uses a 16 tooth injector trigger wheel. The OBD1/2 uses a 24 tooth wheel. If you want to run the OBD1 ecu, then you need an OBD1 or OBD2 distributor.
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    95 JDM Auto GSR tranny

    If you get the OBD1 auto JDM GSR ecu and JDM Gsr auto tranny, I can build you a harness that will convert from OBD2a to OBD1 auto to auto. The OBD1 JDM GSR ecu has the auto functions inside the ecu. The OBD1 LS uses a seperate TCM with the ecu. They work together.
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    GSR/itr pistons/ctr cams: tuning necessary?

    You will need to get it tuned man. Convert it to OBD1 and get it tuned. Then come inspection time, raise the fuel pressure and put the stock ecu back in the car just to go and pass.
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    Just looking for the OBD write-up thread...

    OBD2a: 1996-1998 Civic, 1996-1999 Integra, 1996-1997 Accord, 1996-2001 Prelude OBD2b: 1999-2000 Civic, 2000-2001 Integra, 1998-2002 Accord OBD1: 1992-1995 Civic, 1992-1995 Integra, 1992-1995 Accord, 1992-1995 Prelude PreOBD: 88-91 Civic / CRX, 1990-1991 Integra. You can go even further...
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    My late Airwerks by Borg Warner FWD Street Shoout videos....

    15k at stake....we had a few extra tranny parts on hand to say the least. Gotta start the rebuild yourself if you don't want to ship it to me. and buy the service manual. Everything you need step by step is in there.