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    CA WTB GSR Hydro tranny in Cali.

    I'm in the market for a GSR trans. I have one hooked up to my civic now missing third gear. I'm looking for a price under $500 or interested in trading my trans with some cash on top for one with all it's gears. (If your looking to build a custom trans or rebuild the one I have might be what...
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    First AWD Honda k20/k24 Turbo EG

    Anyone know the name of that song used?
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    94 civic with B18A1 trans advice???

    I stand corrected...Apparently drinking and craigslisting leads to misinformation...that should be an LS hydro tranny for $300...what do the GSR trans usually sell for used?
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    94 civic with B18A1 trans advice???

    I picked up a 94 civic last month. It has a B18A1 in it and an alleged GSR trans. I can shift the shifter into third with the clutch and let out the clutch but the gear doesn't engage. It just revs when I hit the gas. If I shift it into gear normally is grinds when I let out the clutch and if I...
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    Custom Transmission?

    Bump, because I'm looking for a tranny rebuild at the end of the month.
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    B18A1 into Civic

    I used to have a 91 CRX SI with a B18A1 in it...That combination is a real nice car if you can keep traction. Converting it over to OBD1 and keeping it in the REX woudn't be bad. Food for thought, I drove that for a month and mine was a turd wrapped in tin foil but fast as hell because of the...