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    I had the same problem with my accord dying and it turned out to be a cracked distributor cap.
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    I Need Some Intake Help

    Guys I need some real help with this CAI. The instructions that came with it look like they were photo copied like 100 times so the pictures don't help. I've found out how to remove everything and do most of it but I have no idea what I need to do about the vacuum system. :huh: I have a '94...
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    Wrong Oil?

    Is the 5w30 for all hondas?
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    Intake Questions

    Thanks. Thats what i thought but i wanted to be sure so I didn't screw my self over.
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    Cold Air Intake Install

    yeah, i'd like to know how to remove my bumper too. I have my intake and want to install it but I have no clue how to remove the bumper. I have a '94 accord if anyone could help.
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    Intake Questions

    I bought an Injen cold air intake and an AEM air bypass valve thinking that it would work just fine. When I was reading the instructions for the bypass valve, it said that you couldn't use it on other brands. My question is, will it work like it was designed on my injen or should i leave it...
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    Non-VTEC to VTEC head swap

    Sorry, I got my facts wrong. I got that info off the reference section on this website. It said that the B1 is a dohc non-VTEC. I now know thats wrong thanks to you and I also looked it up in my haynes repair manual. Is it possible to put a dohc on an engine thats a sohc right now? If not...
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    Non-VTEC to VTEC head swap

    Thanks dohcvtec accord. I just want to get that extra 15 horses from my engine before I go crazy with the after market mods. By "ok" I meant that will my car run like a golf cart or will it run like a DOHC VTEC should.
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    Non-VTEC to VTEC head swap

    I have a non-VTEC F22B2 SOHC engine. Will I be ok if I swap heads with a F22B1 VTEC DOHC?
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    Non Vtec to Vtech Head Swap

    I have a F22B2 non-VTEC engine. Will I be alright if I upgrade my head to with a F22B1 VTEC head?