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    b18c1 into 00 ex ?s

    Is 3 the big plug that goes back into the cabin on the driver side?
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    You can get UV dye and light from your local auto store and throw a bottle of it in your gas tank (make sure it's the gas type!). Then most of the plating around the piping down to the tank is easily removable and you should be able to see where it's coming from. There's no way around the fact...
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    I tend to assume that people are intelligent enough to figure out the obvious, like the fact that the one example I stated was not the only possible thing he could do to his car. To the OP, do a search, there are literally hundreds of things you could do.
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    LS Swap troubles

    You could put the Integra ECU on the left. Then you would have to extend all the dash stuff to the left too. Technically possible, might take a while to get it right. I wouldn't try it personally but if you're good with soldering and stuff you might be able to.
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    help Vtec head! Expensive, obviously, especially if you can't do the work yourself.
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    Check the pin between the linkage and tranny. You should have a c clip over it and a pin that's a PAIN to get out under the c clip. If you have a bolt there instead you get a lot of slop when you move the shifter left to right and sometimes enough to make it impossible to shift. Also check your...
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    b18b1 in a del sol...header question

    The header has to fit on the engine, so definitely buy the header according to the engine. Assuming your Del Sol had a cat after the header, everything should fit (I mean not one of those funky half header half cats like I have on my Dx).
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    90 civic si hatch

    I would consider two things (it would be one but you said you were worried about mpg so that's two) when making this decision. One is that putting a grand in parts and labor into a car that's worth about that is questionable. Two is that a newer Hx or Vx would probably get a LOT better mpg and...
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    linkage oh no

    It seriously took me two minutes to take it out with a hammer and bolt. But at least you didn't replace it with a nut and bolt; the previous owner of mine did that and I could move the shifter an inch and a half left and right without the tranny actually moving from neutral. I was against the...
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    linkage oh no

    Holy Christ.. please don't drill it and replace it with a bolt/nut it will ALWAYS have more play than before. I tried using a metric punch pin also but what worked for me was a regular old Honda bolt. Yes, hitting a bolt with a hammer to drive the pin out. I think it's an 8mm bolt, one with a...
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    I can't find anything on the interwebs.

    Maybe slight overkill, maybe! Propane torch should do it :D
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    Obd2 into Obd1 car

    Hah yes, the obd2 engine into the obd1 body. Newer engine into an older car, better emission standards, totally legal.
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    Obd2 into Obd1 car

    Sorry I should have been more specific. I intend on making the 93 into an obd 2 Hx. I'm shooting for mileage over hp. Not sure exactly how much of the Hx wiring I'm going to have to swap out (rear harness and cabin harnesses etc.). The hx body was an automatic but the Lx body was mt from the...
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    Misfire Issues :(

    Check for leaks in injector Orings. One of mine was cut and I had the exact same symptoms.
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    5 Year Project Plan

    Talk to someone who's done it before. They might ridicule you too but at least they won't tell you they won't ;)