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    1998 honda Civic Dx for sale

    Hello everyone. I have a stock '98 civic dx 4dr sedan for sale. Its green in color, just hit 97k miles on it. The car is in good condition. Never abused, been keeping up the maintainence, 2nd owner. The first owner came at my dealership to trade in for an accord and its lady owned. Im asking...
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    91 Turbo Mazda MX-6 (only $1500)

    Hey is it sold yet? If not please get back to me asap! Thanks :)
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    B18C1 Swap to 91 Hatch

    I've seen ppl with gsr front brakes on a crx. Its been done so many times.
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    WTB: Any honda/acura in CALIFORNIA/ ARIZONA ONLY!

    Bro all i'm sayin is that you should've called us up sayin you can't make it. We would've both understand. Your the one who said you was gonna come to LA. So dont turn things around on us sayin we should've been up there. A buyer always comes to a seller...true. Again you said you were gonna...
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    WTB: Any honda/acura in CALIFORNIA/ ARIZONA ONLY!

    Anybody? California is fine also! The last seller FLAKED out on me last nite and now i gotta keep search'n. So hit me up if you have a car for sale!
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    94 civic ex coupe for sale

    He called you but he said you dont take checks. His bank is closed man :( I was seriously gonna take it off your hands today! Hes still searchin to see if anyone can lend him some dough!
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    94 civic ex coupe for sale

    Just pm'ed you!!
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    FS/FT 93 Si Hb

    Where you located?
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    94 civic ex coupe for sale

    Alright man i'll let him know today. :)
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    94 civic ex coupe for sale

    Hey how far are you from L.A.? My friend might check it out for me. Please let me know thanks.
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    89 CRX SI w/ b16

    I think the motor is worth more than that.
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    d16a6 swap questions....

    I dunno about that mini me swap. I think its just too much hassle. I would just get a full sohc vtec swap.