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    Problem with starting, '95 B18c, Please help

    Wasn't sure wether this should go here, pr in the electrical forum, but anyway... I am having this problem with starting, on my B18c swapped hatch. When I turn the key to start the car, it does not start, it just "Clicks", similar to when you have a dead battery (which it isn't, cause I have a...
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    '01 ITR tranny w/ factory LSD

    Sorry for the long delay in updating this thread, I have been away working. UPDATE The tranny engages 4th gear now. Like I was saying, the gears are there, and perfectly fine, there is just a problem within the trannys gear selector.
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    '01 ITR tranny w/ factory LSD

    I have an '01 ITR hydro tranny w/ factory LSD for sale. Tranny has some issues that need some attention: 1. Slight grind going into 3rd gear, only at HIGH rpm 2. It has a problem with the gear lever where it causes a lot of play in the shifter when in gear. It stays in gear, but there is play...
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    Track pictures from last night B)
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    EG parts for sale *pics*

    I have a local buyer for $70 picked up, and another for $50 picked up if the other doesn't come through. But if either of those skip on me, I'll for sure let you know. Thanks!
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    EG parts for sale *pics*

    Pay first, sorry. You can either do pay-pal, or mail a money order. If you are worried about scams or anything like that, you can check my H-T vouches, or my ebay feedback (ebay username: NickSubaru) B)
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    EG parts for sale *pics*

    92-95 Civic Red & Clear tail lights. Brand new, never used. Not once. Still in original box, with each light still wrapped in factory plastic. Comes with all 4 gaskets, and 2 bulbs, bubble wrapped. These are absolutley perfect. Have seen these go for $75-80 + shipping on Ebay...
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    Car won't start.

    We've cranked it for quite a while.
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    WTB: 14" or 15"

    bump I got money ;)
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    WTB: 14" or 15"

    4 lug for civic. Want something light weight, and attractive. My ideal wheels are 14" Volk CE28n, in any color. Nothing over 15" diameter. Looking for something unique, like RnR's, Group N, SSR's, buddy club, or gabs, ect. Anything really. California pick-up preferred. Ready to buy right...
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    How do I check the "check engine" code...

    I cannot seem to find a jumper :( Thanks!
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    Attention CENTRAL CALIFORNIA people We just finished it a couple days ago and would like to welcome everyone to come and join our message boards. Hope to see you there! :)
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    Anyone have an exploded view of a B series distri-

    Too much $$ right now I'm a broke ass.
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    Anyone have an exploded view of a B series distri-

    One that shows all of the components an sensors inside of a B series distributor with names of each one? Thanks!!
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    TONS of parts for sale B16, GSR, Type R

    I also have a ACT street disc clutch w/ xtreme PP for a B series. If you are still looking for a clutch. Clutch has about 60-65% material left. Lemme know B)