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    iPOD/ iTunes users

    You can't import back to your hd, but if you happened to make your IPOD useable as a hard drive, you can just search throught he folders in there and pull the music off. Only way I know of, unless someone made some kind of program for it.
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    Interesting proposition

    Nice day out, gonna start stripping the interior today. Hopefully I get it down to metal... with the exception of the dash and crap before it gets dark. Pics to follow. Edit** - Rear half of the car is fully stripped: Seats, interior and door paneling, headliner - Took the left...
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    forget 20s...

    Thats me on top :p
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    Interesting proposition

    2.3- hood clearance? Thats why God created man... so he could invent a sawzall 5.0- as far as gutting the chassis, whattya talkin about there? im thinking it would be alot easier to source a 5.0 out of a 'stang then bothering looking around for a nice 2.3. I'm already gonna gut the whole...
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    Interesting proposition

    I'd loooove to go the V8 route, that would be totally sick. Thats gonna prolly take alot of fab though.... I'm gonna go down today and take some pics of the interior, and the engine bay, see what I can rip out and whether or not theres gonna be enough room for a small block in this bish
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    Interesting proposition

    Tonight I got an interesting proposition from a buddy of mine up here at Fort Drum. He's got a mid 80's Ford Escort he offered to sell me for 2 CARTONS OF CIGARETTES. So, my plan is as follows: Make a wicked crazy off-road machine. I'm talking engine swap, new suspension, roll cage, the works...
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    14 with a 16 year old at soccer camp over the summer :p
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    Another Thread of the Year on NASIOC

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    These Boots Were Made For Walking

    23 here, I know Frankie, and Nancy is a hottit herself... anyone see that Playboy spread she did a couple years ago?? She was like 50 when they were takin, and it didn't show! ;)
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    New Rig!

    I think it's funny that people who know very little about me try to judge me based on some post I made asking for help buying a computer. Oh well. But yeah, thanks Johnny for the backup. And once again Endless 4 teh win!!!1 Thanks for your help. Only thing with the shuttle is, there's not...
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    New Rig!

    Price isn't really an object, I just want whatever is the best. Right now I've got a Shuttle with like a 3.4EE that I oc'ed to like 3.8, 2gb Crucial, 75gb raptor and whatever mobo shuttle uses. Comp runs great, no complaints, but am prolly gonna use it for a home media pc when I get the new one.
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    New Rig!

    yeah that basically what i did, i wanted the best stuff for gaming, and just wasnt up-to-date on what was out there, and what it was best used for. thanks endless for the great info, you were a big help! and look like a balla? i just want the best computer out there right now, thats all
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    New Rig!

    As it stands right now: 2 X PLEXTOR Black IDE DVD Burner 2 X Seagate Cheetah 15K.4 147GB 15,000RPM SCSI 1 X ABIT Fatality AN8-SLI SOcket 939 Mobo 2 X PNY Quadro FX4400 512mb GDDR3 PCI-E x16 1 X AMD Athlon 64 FX57 San Diego Total cost without RAM, Power supply or case=$5500USD Any ideas...
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    For anyone who thinks our soldiers are barbarians

    Holy crap... small world, that kid graduated from the same high school as me, like 2 grades under me. I didn't even know he was in the freakin Army!!!
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    2006 National HondaSwap meet.

    I'm down for camping, as long as there's some sort of college nearby for the obligatory "streak through the quad" salute to Old School. :P