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    VA FS 1992 Civic Si EG Hatch

    Is this thing still stuffed in your garage?
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    Softest riding struts for a CRX?

    Finally laid down a couple thousand miles with this combo. It seems to me that the springs are out muscling the koni STR.Ts. Ride isn't great. Its not soft and cushy. And it doesn't handle great, either. I hit a mark between great handling/harsh and ride comfort, but it does neither...
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    The Grand Tour

    Top Gear was my all time favorite show. I love those guys! The opening scene of The Grand Tour when they roll up next to each other in the mustangs and smile back and forth.. That actually brought a tear to my eye. I'm insanely happy that they're back! It was like the superbowl here...
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    Wanted!!! New 1991 CRX Si Engine Harness

    Ok, A guy runs "Monotech", Sells his goods on Ebay. Uses new connectors where he can and uses "reconditioned" connectors for the rest. All the wire and seals are brand new. $240 shipped. I searched around and his stuff reviews well, everyone says he does good work. So I'm giving it a shot.
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    Wanted!!! New 1991 CRX Si Engine Harness

    Looking to buy a new engine harness. 1991 CRX Si. Aftermarket is fine. Cheapest I can find is $459. Surely some company makes them cheaper? eBay has reman harnesses for $240 shipped but they re-use old connectors. Nothing fancy, just looking for a stock configuration engine harness. $200...
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    No start after dizzy swap. Crx B16 P28

    Double check your wiring. I had a brand new dizzy and had that issue so I chased ghosts for a while. Turns out the dizzy was crap. Now whether it came that way or something fried from being hooked up wrong, I cannot confirm or deny. As far as the ecm, the P28 was actually designed for your...
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    No start after dizzy swap. Crx B16 P28

    Ok. It was a bad dizzy. Bought another new dizzy and she's running like a champ!
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    Soooo..this is in the works..stay tuned

    It had too many doors anyway.
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    No start after dizzy swap. Crx B16 P28

    The saga continues. Got to play with her a little this weekend. Very hard to start. Once it does it sputters for a minute or two then runs perfectly fine. Idles perfect. Drives fine but hits a fuel or ignition cut at 3250rpm. Tossed codes 22 and 41. Oxy heater (I believe there is a 1 wire...
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    No start after dizzy swap. Crx B16 P28

    No good dizzy to swap out. Timing belt is dead on. l toned the wires color by color and even position but didn't check pin positions on the engine harness. Turns out the PO re-pinned the engine harness at the dizzy. I corrected that and it now starts hard, sluggish. Once running it idles...
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    No start after dizzy swap. Crx B16 P28

    Toned it all out. Wiring is good. All I can guess is the new dizzy is crap or the timing belt skipped somehow. Will check the belt this weekend.
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    No start after dizzy swap. Crx B16 P28

    JDM B16, OBD1 P28 in a 91 CRX Si (using stock CRX harness with ECM adapter) had a very tired TD81U dizzy. Car started and ran and drove OK, like it needed a tune up. Found the rotor a little loose and the threads for the rotor absolutely trashed. Swapped the Dizzy for a New TD44U Dizzy...
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    90 accord f22a injectors

    And.. Fix the intercooler and vac leaks. You're going to have to anyway. And double check the timing. She might just come to life.
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    New Toy Advice

    The new corvettes are absolutely insane in every imagine able way. Gorgeous and nimble and powerful and in a whole new class of refinement for corvettes.
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    Best Caption Gets a Job

    Hello advanced certified internet recruiter. I am an advanced certified shark surfer.