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    Who can trace a license plate?

    I dont know much about the law but what can you really do w/ a license plate number? If you tell the cops what would they do w/ the info?
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    Its not completely random either, if you listen listen close enough most of it makes sense. Immortal Tech is absolutely crazy with his lyrics and is some of the tightest stuff I've heard. His only downfall is his flow.
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    Its Offical, Hummer is now for pussys

    :werd: Those windows are absolutely useless. Backing that thing in was the biggest pain in the ass, not to mention the shitty manual gearbox. I wonder why they dont just update it, getting rid of it is a mistake.
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    Chem Problems

    Just out of curiosity, which chem class is that for? I took chem 202 (chem for engineers) a couple years ago and I can't do any of those problems.
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    Whos got finals comin up???

    Where do you guys go to school? San Diego State doesn't get out till May 18th. My final schedule doesnt look too crazy: May 12th- CIV E 301:Solid Mechanics 13th- Writing Studies 280 and EM 220:Dynamics 15th- ME 240: Eng Materials 18th- Physics 3 Then its off to party in...
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    Autorox show

    Sure it wasnt the RS4 because that's got a V8 with over 400 hp... but yea, caught some of it, didnt seem like it was worth watching.
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    spring break?

    I'm not a freshman, actually a junior, but I dont get it, what am I supposed to do if my parents can afford it, not go? You're only young once. I'm a full time student, 15 units, 12 of them engineering, I consider it my job. But that goes on top of my actual job and other things I dont actually...
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    Free-poring liquor

    Henny is just too much and any kind of vodka is gross. 1800 is the shit and so is cointreau, but right now all i have is a 12 pack of natty ice that I got for 5 bucks. Being a 20 y/o college student sucks sometimes. BTW I'm never buying that shit again, I never realized just how bad natty ice...
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    Veedub in za house.........yoooo

    the "streamlined" one is definitely my favorite. rolling up the window in her face: classic
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    Job Hunt?

    still at my first job, 7 an hour plus tips, valet, super easy, drive some tight cars, I think the highlight being a gallardo. I think I did actually find the ad at
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    So what's hot with cell phones these days?

    I know it's a little expensive but I have the Treo 650 and love it. I can download almost anything I can think of to it off of the internet. I only use the bluetooth when I'm driving so the insecurity isnt much of an issue. I actually used it yesterday in class to follow the powerpoint slides...
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    This is not good...

    Whats wrong with daytime running lights?
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    insurance institute releases top 10 safest cars.

    :werd: I cant say I'd buy another brand again for a daily driver. I'm sold.
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    Worst final schedule I've ever had: Dec 15th- computer programming (probably the worst class i've taken) sociology (probably the easiest) Dec 19th- statics intro to electrical engineering differential equations/transforms (laplace and fourier) I...
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    Black Friday......2005....

    $49.99 got it to go w/ my treo 650, i like it so far.