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    D16A6 into 6th Gen? Crank Sensor A Problem??

    So I have a D16A6 short block that I was hoping to toss into my EK for a daily driver, but I'm concerned about the crank sensor. Is this swap even possible? Where does the crank sensor mount and can I transfer it to the A6?
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    NY FS: Parting out my entire 11sec 97 Civic Turbo... Lots of parts, just look!!

    Color combo. Maybe its just locally rare. I assumed because everytime I went out, people begged me to sell them my wheels (lots of people) and now that they are up for sale, these cheap bastards don't have any money lol
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    NY FS: Parting out my entire 11sec 97 Civic Turbo... Lots of parts, just look!!

    COMPLETELY Parting out my Turbo 97 Civic EX - EVERYTHING FOR SALE! Completely parting out my 97 civic ex turbo. Engine blew and I'm not interested in investing any more money into this car. So here it is, a list of the parts I have for sale. I will likely not respond to PM quickly, e-mail me at...
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    D16Y7 with Y8 Head? Possible?

    Perfect. Thanks guys!
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    D16Y7 with Y8 Head? Possible?

    A little help, I'm a quite rusty with my Honda knowledge. I cannot seem to find a replacement Y8 block for my car locally, but have found a Y7. Can I put my Y8 head on the Y7 short block? Compression differences are no problem, I can tune. Just concerned about oil passages for VTEC...
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    LS/Vtec Boost (B16 top/B18 bott)

    Actually, block guards are not a waste of time, they indeed add strength. The problem is, they will shift the cylinder walls slightly (cannot be seen by the eye nor does it occur until the motor reaches op temp). I have had several engine builders recommend them as a good strengthening...
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    fuel pressure

    I have a fully built D16 @ 26psi of boost from a 32R and have had no reason to deviate from factory fuel pressure - 42PSI. But umm... yea, get your car tuned dude and let your tuner decide what he wants to do.
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    "Limp mode" code 16

    Distributor needs to be swapped. You did not mention the resistors... OBD1 ECU's look for saturated injectors. You need to have 10ohm resistors in series with each injector. ECU must see 12 ohms.
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    convert speedo from cable to digital

    Friend, I believe the CRV Clusters will work also. Not sure of model years, but the B20 equipped CRV is probably what your looking for.
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    Map Sensor?

    Meter your wires. MAP on OBD1 will be identified in the plug of the actual sensor. One is reference ground, one is 5V reference, one is a 0-5V signal wire. I believe you will actually see a "V, S, G" imprints on the sensor to help you meter your wires and determine where the problem lies.
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    tial wastegate?

    looks fake to me. Buy real Tial.
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    LS turbo build -opinions-

    Tuning setup? I would say any less than 650cc injectors will likely max the duty cycle with large cams like that. However, Crome will be tough to tune a comfortable idle with the larger injectors. Seems to be a nice setup with the exception that the block is stock... It would be wise to adhere...
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    obd1 error codes

    Hmm... I can honestly say I don't know if your going to be able to achieve that given the setup. I would have just opted for a conversion harness to a P30 or P28 which can be easily chipped with any b-series map for your setup. I still don't think you can chip that ecu... correctly anyway. Which...
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    obd1 error codes

    haha yea actually i do. any obd 1/2 *equipped* honda I have seen (to rephrase, EG, EK) does in fact have this connector I just spoke of. Maybe more specifically rephrase what is going on and what the hell it is your are doing... vehicle and your procedure would help. Just specifying the ecu #...